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    Default Hibiscus Cottage

    We booked for Aug 3013. Has anyone stayed there?

    Did you ever leave the cottage?

    Is it really as great as it looks?

    Is the sunning area acceptable and private?

    Where is it located on the grounds?

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    We stayed in Nov 2010. Loved the cottage. Yes we left the cottage. It does face north, so does not get alot of direct sun. It is located on the far east end of the grounds.

    Not real private, but is located at a "dead end" of a path so no foot traffic walking by.

    Spent alot of time on the verandah.

    If you can afford it, I would recommend it.
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    Never stayed there but we saw it and it looks awesome. It is located at the far east side of CSS, up high on the cliff side. It is close to the lobby and gift shop but further toward the ocean. It would be the most private of all, but also the furthest walk to the main beach, bar, and restaurant area.

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    We really liked the Hibiscus Villa. it is located on the far east end of the property pretty much away from everything.

    If you look at the map of the property from the Couples website it is on the far left kinda behind the ocean suites.

    The sunning area is pretty small, but private.


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    it's all about the kids

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    We had the extreme luck of being upgraded to the cottage last year. It is beautiful. It does not show on the map but it is next to the G block - next block is H - Hibiscus
    We did spend most of our time at the cottage. The view is spectacular. It is very private from other guests. The suggestion is, if you don't want staff who maintain the grounds and jacuzzi walking in, there is a sign you can post.
    There is a small area with 2 chairs for sunning. We spent a lot of time there and in the jacuzzi. I will attach pictures.
    It also has its own massage room for spa services coming to you - did that for my massage.

    We absolutely loved it. You will too.

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    Thanks to all. We are ready to be there. Our first trip to CSS is this summer in a penthouse suite. We may try to get a night at the cottage if possible or at least a tour.

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    Thanks for the great pictures. We are considering the Hibiscus this fall. Do you have any photos of the inside? Thanks!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuckersmom View Post
    Thanks for the great pictures. We are considering the Hibiscus this fall. Do you have any photos of the inside? Thanks!
    Hope these help:
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    Thanks so much for the pics. What a beautiful cottage! Cant wait to be there.

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    Cool, so the bath has an indoor jacuzzi and a bidet? Wow.

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