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    Default CTI - How Busy Does "The Island" Get?

    Hi All:

    Quick question... how busy does the island at CTI get? Is there a maximum number of people that are allowed to go over? Is there ever a wait for some to come back to the main resort before more are allowed to go? In order to beat the crowd is it best to go early if this is our first time?

    Any comments are welcome and appreciated.

    See you all there... 7 days to go!
    Gary & Sonya

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    In all the years that we have been going to CTI, about 17, we can only remember once or twice that people had to wait on the dock for people to come off the island.

    There is no quota for how many people can be there.
    It is best to go on the first boat that leaves at 9:00a.m. However, people start to gather on the dock as much as a half hour before the first boat. This will ensure that they get the places they want.

    We still have another39 days to wait. You're going to love it.

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    We've never had a problem or noticed it so full that you'd have to wait to rotate on to the island. We do usually go over on the first boat....but the island population changes throughout the day with folks coming and going to different activities, day trips, horse back rding , ziplining, ect. ect. You'll be fine....
    We're at 10 days.....get in the 15th...probalby won't be on the Island till the 16th.... Enjoy!!!

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    It can become moderately crowded, but I've never seen them make anyone wait to go over because of overcrowding. Usually there is plenty of room for everyone, but I have been out there when all of the chairs were taken. Chairs open up regularly though, so it really isn't a problem.

    It is best to go early if you want a specific chair. Other than that you'll be fine whenever you get there. Just get there and have fun!

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    We went last November and the island was not busy at all....The boat will take you there and back whenever you stand on the dock....

    For the first time, I would suggest about 10:00...Don't worry it is very easy...I would go right to the pool, find a good spot and take you suits off in one fluid motion...

    Also you may feel more comfortable just to go in the pool right away...

    All in all, after it's over you won't regret it.....We are looking forward to returning in November

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    The morning is probably the best time to go being your first time. You might see a few couples at that time of the day but not crowded enough to worry about not getting a lounger. If it does becomes an issue they will get more. Although the Island isn't that big, it never seems to be to crowded. No waiting lines except for the boat to and from but that is only a few minutes. Please, Please go the the first day. Your only disappointment will be having to leave the Island when it closes for the day.

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    I can only speak for the times we have been there (June and July) but typically we saw anywhere from 5 or 6 couples to as many as 12 - 14. I've never been there when it was too crowded that they wouldn't bring people over.

    As far as what time to go, I suggest that if it is your first time with AN, that you go first thing in the morning (have some mimosas with breakfast and give yourself a little liquid courage!) to give yourself some time to undress and get comfortable. The path you walk up to get onto the island takes you right past the swim up bar where most hang out. That can be intimidating for some if it's your first time.

    Have fun. Once you go, you'll know.

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