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    Default Next trip coming up. All aboard!!

    Randy, you may want to sit down for this one. It's kind of long.

    If someone were to observe me today, they wouldn’t see anything out of the ordinary. Just a typical Saturday afternoon. The weather outside is fairly mild for this time of the year. Not much wind and temperature is close to 50 degrees. So far it’s been a great winter here. We have had only two snow storms with a total of about three or four inches. That’s it. Up north in ski country, they have had lots of snow. And they are very happy about that. Just about every ski place is booming with business. I’m happy for them. As far as I’m concerned, every winter should be this way. Hardly any snow down here, lots of snow up there.

    Yah. Just another day here. No excitement. No hassles. No problems. Great. Quiet.

    But the casual observer would be way off the mark, based solely on outward appearances. There aren’t any overt signs of plague or pestilence. No floods or falling frogs. No loud noises. Nothing. Just another Saturday.

    But it’s not just another Saturday. It’s not calm and peaceful. Not serene. Not at all.

    At this very moment there are ten bells and whistles going off in my head. Nine circus clowns jumping through nine hoops, eight horse races coming down the home stretch, seven NASCAR engines heading for the checkered flag, six receivers about to catch the winning touchdown pass, five golden balls dropping to herald in the new year, four fields of fireworks on the fourth of July, three phones a ringing, two jets flying overhead and one incredibly, exuberant, pumped up, frothing at the mouth, simply delirious person sitting on pins and needles with steam coming out of his ears like Wiley Coyote after he loses the Roadrunner again. Would that indicate a person who is excited? Hmmmmm?

    When the mailman came today, he delivered a bill from my oil company, a booklet from Tufts Health Plan, 2012 wellness guide, “The most important things you can do now”, a renewal letter from AARP, two circulars from the grocery stores, one letter that belongs to my neighbor and…..drum roll please………….


    Inside the somewhat plain looking large white envelope was a very nice black zippered bag, with a little plane attached to the zipper, and the logo from Travel Impressions. Inside the bag were four very nice luggage tags that say, “Enjoy the journey”, like they have to tell me that. And one full color booklet with all the necessary facts related to the upcoming trip. Important numbers, travel vouchers, hotel vouchers, resort credit vouchers and on the cover of the booklet a picture of a hammock tied between two trees, right off the Couples web site, and the words, “Richard Myles Swartz and Party, that would be Sylvia. Montego Bay, Ocho Rios, Jamaica. Booking number, and departure date. April 12, 2012. I tell you friends, I almost wet my pants. Wouldn’t you? Well okay. Maybe you wouldn’t.

    So after all the planning and waiting and counting down from 102 on New Years Day, it all comes down to just four more Mondays, one Good Friday, one Saturday first day of Passover, one Easter Sunday and one more Easter Monday for all my Canadian and United Kingdom friends. After all that, the following Thursday morning, we shut off the lights, lock the door and leave all our worries on the doorstep. We direct our feet to the sunny side of the street. Did you sing that part? I thought so.

    There are any number of life changing events that occur in a persons lifetime. Starting kindergarten, graduating high school, if you’re lucky. Getting married, having children. Those are all pretty big events, after which, your life will never be the same. Well, returning to Jamaica for our 36 overall trip, is right up there with those events that change and shape ones life.

    Anyone who has been there, or planning to go there, or returning from there knows exactly what I mean. The rest of you will just have to take my word for it.

    I can feel my blood coursing thru my veins, my heart is pounding so loudly that it feels as though it’s going to pump right out of my chest. My palms are moist, my eyes are open as wide as they could possibly be. I’m shaking all over. What a rush. Better than anything I experienced during the sixties.

    If you have a trip planed to Jamaica, and it’s your very first, and you have been waiting what seems like forever, you probably know how I feel. If you have already been lucky enough to have experienced the island and all its treasures, you definitely know what I am feeling.

    I think that with the arrival of one’s travel documents, it legitimizes and reinforces what you may have known for a long time, but now you have proof. There it is. All neatly packaged with times and dates and proof positive that all the anguish and waiting and planning and everything else that goes in to a trip such as this, really is going to happen. It hasn’t been some cruel joke that someone played on you. No. This is real and it’s fantastic.

    Now all I need to do is try and keep it together for just a little while longer. Just remain as calm as possible. Fat chance of that. Let everyone at work know, for the umpteenth time that we are going. Like they aren’t sick of hearing about it for the past three or four months. And soon, very soon, the alarm will go off at 3:30 a.m. and I won’t be going to work. I, we, will be going home. It just doesn’t get any better than that.

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    Thanks Crabracer, I really enjoy reading your posts. They express everything we feel about going to CTI, just wish it wasn't so far from the UK then maybe we could have those feelings and exitement more than once or twice a year!!

    Enjoy your 33rd (is that correct?) visit - like I don't know you will!! Meanwhile, we will keep on dreaming of our next visit until our own 'very special mail delivery' arrives later this year.

    Mad about tennis

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    I can't agree with you more! A brilliant explanation of the feeling one gets when the holiday paraphanalia is in place with the bonus of a vignette of what's happ'nin' in your neck of the woods. Thanks for rounding my day in London off with a big smile. Bang on!

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    No wonder I couldn't find this post on the main page. I posted it here by mistake. Oh well!

    Thanks johnirene & Murtle I'm pleased to express what so many of us feel. The excitement is universal.

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