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    Default We just booked our honeymoon! (also some questions)

    I just wanted to let everyone know that my future husband and I just booked our honeymoon!

    We decided on CSS! We are staying in a Penthouse Suite! We will be going June 21st through June 28th!

    Also a few questions:

    Anyone else going to be there around the same time?

    Does anyone have pictures of the Penthouse Suites?

    Do the Penthouse Suites have walk in showers or jacuzzis?

    Also, we didn't book our airfare through Couples and haven't booked it yet. How do we let them know what our flight number is after we book the fight?

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    Congrats!!! Booking day is an exciting day, we booked our return trip to CSS yesterday for April! You will not regret your choice. For a honeymoon I don't think you can beat CSS. It is the ultimate in romance!

    The pictures on the virtual tours in the website really are dead on, and what you can really expect to see.

    Get your countdown going and again congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!!

    Happy Travels,

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    You saw the pictures I posted on your thread didn't you? If you want to see more, go into my profile and look at my album, there are both CN and CSS on there as well as excursions, but they are all labeled.

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    Mzambo - Yes! I did see the pictures on my other thread. Thank you so much for sharing. They are beautiful and really make me feel like we made the right choice.

    Another question for anyone who's been to CSS: did you stay in a Penthouse suite and is it worth all those stairs? I've heard that the view is worth it and I'm just curious to know what we can expect. Anyone have pictures of this room?

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