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    Default going to be there Nov.30-Dec14/2012

    anyone else going to be there to?love to sit by the pool bar and chat,first time in a AN setting,thanks hoffy

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    Hello, We will be there Nov 26th to Dec 5th. This will be our 3rd Time there and yes we will be over at the pool bar as well, Looking forward to meeting you. You will have lots of fun! We Love it there.

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    Two D's ,sorry i didn't put it in my post,but we are staying sans souci at that time,hope to see u there and have a few drinks at the AN pool bar,we can set up a time and place to meet when we get closer to the time,like i said frist time there and my wife and myself can't wait.Thanks Hoffy

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    Sounds good, We are looking forward to it, We are always over at the swim up bar or close by to the bar, When time gets close you may want to check out the thread that says Meetup, You may even meet more people before you go. :-) people make you feel very welcome over there no worries!
    The Two D's :-)

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    CTI used to have some jacuzzis in the jungle area which were private and had a sign/rope to indicate if they were being used. Now, there are two jacuzzis by the spa - one on the women's and one on the men's side. The men's side is private, but CTI does not condone (nor am I suggesting) the use of either for an AN experience.

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