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    Hi All, thinking of booking under the fall specials for a 10 day trip in November (my 50th birthday). We would do 5 days at CSA and 5 at CSS. Just a bit worried that we would loose a full day for the transfer. So, well, undecided. Has anyone done a similar 10 day split? Any advise?

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    10 days is the minimum I would do for a split between CSA/CSS. The transfers will be handled by Couples so no worries there. Plan on about 2.5-3 hours of drive time.

    We did a split on the same side of the Island with no problems.

    With the further distance I would plan on either doing it early in the morning or late in the evening. That way you get to spend a full day on either resort.

    If you go early in the morning have breakfast at the old resort. Put on your swim suit, then a light outfit, pack a beach bag and head off to the new resort. Your room may not be ready but no problem. They will store your luggage. Go and enjoy the resort!! Come back at 4PM for your room assignment, unpack, shower and head off for dinner.

    Now if you can add additional nights well that is just icing on the cake ;-)

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    I've done a 10 night split between one of the Ocho Rios resorts and CSA 3 times and plan on doing it again. My only advice is book the earliest arriving and latest leaving flight you can. Also, if you set up an early morning transfer between the resorts you really don't lose much beach time. Of course, you have to be ok with your room not being ready when you arrive at the second resort. We never found it a problem. Just left our luggage in the lobby and headed for the beach!

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    We are doing a 10 day split between CTI and CN at the end of June. If you leave between 7/8, you will be at the other resort by lunch! Go for it!

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    Have done this many times ... You don't lose a day ... Its really the best way to see more of the island and visit two resorts.

    We have breakfast and are packed and ready to leave by 10am, its a 3 hour drive and you'll be at the 2nd resort by 1:00 or so. We normally make a stop along the way and still are there in time for lunch. The room's ready by then. You can even leave earlier but this schedule has always worked for us.

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    We have split properties the last three years, 7 days CSS then 5 at CN. The transfer is 2:30 to 2:45 on Sunday morning. We transfer on Sundays as the cruise ships are not in port that day. We leave CSS at 8 am and are on the beach by 11 am (time for check in and changing). Our room is usually ready about 2-3 in the afternoon.

    It is a great way to have a different restaurant almost every night with the repeaters dinner and beach buffet you never eat at the same place twice.

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    We did a 12 day split last August between CSA and CSS. When we transfered we were the only ones on the shuttle and went straight through to CSS. No stops and it took about 2 hours 45 minutes. Our driver(Phillip) was very friendly and entertaining and made the trip fly by pointing out a lot of historical places along the way. We left CSA about 12:30 which allowed us to have a nice lunch and our room was ready when we got to CSS. There was plenty of time to explore the grounds a little bit since it was our first time at CSS and go back to the room and get cleaned up a bit before dinner. With 10 days I would recommend doing the split. If you were going for anything less, I'd probably stay at one resort . A couple hours out of one day is no different than doing an outing like Dunns River. Your not going to lose a WHOLE day. It also lets you see more if the island if you haven't already been. We loved going to CSA first since it was more active and we kinda wore ourselves out then had some down time at CSS to rest and recoup before going home. The two resorts have different atmospheres but both very nice and I highly recommend either one. I'm sure you will get varied opinions on this. Just kinda depends on what you want out of your vacation.

    Enjoy your stay.

    134 days till CSA

    CSA Aug. 2011, July 2012, July 2013, July 2014, Oct. 2015
    CSS Aug. 2011, Aug. 2014

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    We did that between CN and CSS and found it enjoyable. Anything less would be very challenging. We viewed the transfer as another excursion and chance to see the island. We left CN at 8, were at CSS by 11 and on the beach with a drink in our hands by 1145! It also allowed us to decide which resort to return to next year....already booked for CSS Loved the beach at CN , but CSS service, food, staff, entertainment and romance factor made this the perfect destination for us.

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