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    So the rates for 2013 are out,but to get the free night at CSA you have to stay in the garden veranda. We love the Atruim but the savings may be to much to pass up. Anyone else torn?

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    The savings are really good...when it all comes down to it what really matters? IMO what matters is that YOU HAVE a ROOM....any room! With the savings maybe you can go ahead and stay an extra day or two?

    I will always go with a lesser room category in exchange for more time!! In fact our group went with an entire lesser quality April vacation of 14 nights. SO what did DH & I do? We added 5 nights at CN to our already booked 7 nights at CSA!

    While I love the beaches of Negril we also fell in love with CTI. It looks like we will be going back to CTI in August of 2013. It is pretty hard to let the additional $200.00 in resort credits and the 7th night free go by.

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    I agree about the garden rooms, but we have decided that its such a good deal that we booked next April at CSA as well. Its so nice having it booked, and something to look forward to for the next year. We leave for CSS this year in 3 weeks.

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    Book it! If you like the more rustic look of the Atriums you can always ask to have a Garden Verandah Suite that is in the old section. Or you could upgrade once you get there. Just being at CSA is enough for me. Heck, I'd sleep on the beach just to be there.

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    I had noted in my question to Randymon it was unfair not including the Atrium suites for the free night, but he exp;ained it ws a matter of room availablility at time available. The $200 resort credit was enough for us to return again at the discount price offered for Dec 2013 and couldn't wait to book again! Best deal around I would say for fantastic service, great food, friendly people, white sandy beach and of course the most beautiful sunsets in the universe!! only hoping the airlines don't mess us up again like they did last year!!!

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    Oh we'll book it, I too would sleep on the beach to be there. DH and I have promised not to turn Tv on and we know that we really don't spend time in the room for the room. Plus getting a night free means on e more night we can stay. I guess I was just being silly, and forgot how blessed we are to be able to travel to such a lovely place like Jamaica and stay at a place where room catigory doesn't matter. See you on the beach.

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    Always book the minimum accommodations you're willing to accept. Promos and sales are nice and all... but you're on vacation.... book what you want....

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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