Hi all-- What a day of travel. Up at 2:30 am, off to the airport at 3:30, flight at 6. Our buddy Tim had Mimossa's for us at the airport. The bar doesn't open until 6 am!! We had a Bloody May on the way to Atlanta, and then a few more drinks on the way to MoBay. We landed about 12:30. The line at Immigration was brutal. It took us an hour and ten minutes!! It makes you mad--they know how many planes are landing. They didn't have all of the boxes staffed. There are 30 staitions and I counted at least 4 of them empty. At least by the time we got thru our luggage was waiting for us. Off to the lounge for a couple of beers and then we bought 12 Red Stripes to go at Margarittaville ($60 ouch!!) but we're on vacation. 1 1/2 hours to CSA. Checked in and off to the Cabana Grill for snacks in the rain. A few more drinks and we went to Patois Patio for Dan's birthday dinner and a birthday cake. Fell into bed--very trashed!!!

Today was beautiful. Sunny skys. Lunch at Seagrapes. Saw Navina. She had already heard that we were in town. The Coconut Telegraph is a alive and well!!! I pass out Snickers bars. It was great to be back. Time to jump in the shower and head off to the Martini Bar. Dinner at Patois.

More tomorrow.