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    Does anyone know if CSA has FLAVORED vodka? I know there are lots of yummy drinks. (This is my second visit) But I wonder if they have flavored vodka for the occasional break from my miami vice dirty banana and humming bird.

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    I hope they have vanilla vodka! I've been wondering this too.

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    Yes, they have different flavors but not all bars have the same. The martini bar has the good stuff like Grey Goose, but the other bars have Stoli and that caliber. I saw vanilla vodka and citron. I can't remember if there were others. At the beach bars I was drinking ting and stoli - very refreshing and a nice break from fru-fru drinks!

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    Not that I know of but the only vodka I drink while there is in my room. I wonder what Rum Cream and Vodka would taste like?

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    Hey! I posted this thread before our last trip to CSA. We are planning our third trip for this July. Any update on flavored vodka at CSA?

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    I did tend to have a lot of Stoli Apple with Seltzer drinks while at I know they definitely have stoli apple and stoli razz. Can't recall the rest....I know they always tended to have a few. Sometimes they would run out and replace with another one.


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