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    Default Your 3 Favorite Things about Couples Tower Isle?

    Greetings to all:

    Besides the FANTASTIC staff, what are your 3 most favorite things that you like about Couples Tower Isle?

    Couples Resorts

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    Excellent food, excellent drinks.....and of course the "Island" !!

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    only three......

    1. THE ISLAND!!!!
    2. Beach Party
    3. atmosphere

    176 more days!!!!

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    I haven't been since it remodeled, but I'm sure some of these haven't changed,

    The lobby & view from it, the ocean bar & the breeze

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    I love the COLORS that are used throughout the resort. The sky blues, minty greens, black as black set against the stark white canvas of the building just exudes a chic, sexy, pallet to make all of your Caribbean dreams seem possible.

    The secluded beach offers solitude without jet skis whizzing by, boats going up and down with the fumes, vendors hawking their wares. The compact size of the beach is perfect for the size of the resort but it still allows plenty of space for alone time.

    We both loved how everything at CTI was so easy and low key. We had spent 3 nights at The Jewel before coming to CTI. While we enjoyed our time at The Jewel we were not relaxed by any means. As soon as we stepped foot over the threshold all of the stress left my body. I literally felt my shoulders relax and a smile form on my lips. There is an air about CTI that whispers "you are home, relax, take your shoes off and sit a while" It is not one thing that we love about CTI, it is everything that works so well together to create that "whisper".

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    Oh how I wish I could answer that.............................My first trip to CTI will begin on April 28th.........but from what I've been will be very hard to narrow it down

    Look forward to meeting you Randymon

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    1. The remaining Old feel of the resort and the staff.
    2. The Privacy of the resort, beach and the staff.
    3. The Island for giving us a place to share something daring together, and the staff.

    Randy and Betsy, 4 timer and soon to book number 5

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    The island
    Tree frogs
    The piano bar

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    We're about to find out in...ummm....56 days!

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    Breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

    Seriously -- the beach, the entertainment (both the staff and what else they had; loved the Silver Birds!), and the restaurants (especially Eight Rivers).

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    1. The vintage Hollywood theme of the resort.
    2. The amazing resort food
    3. The ISLAND!

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    Location, location, location!

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    A/N Island, Spa, Catamaran cruise

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    Only three things that we like about CTI. That's like asking someone to only look at three stars in the night sky. Or to only step on three grains of sand.

    We love the overall seclusion that we feel. A calming peaceful aura that gives us the sense of being completely removed from all that may be going on in the rest of the world.

    We love the exclusion of stress, anxiety, depression, loneliness, worry and all forms of anger.

    We love being surrounded by so many members of our extended family. The comfort that is provided with open arms and warm hearts and smiles as bright as the rising sun in the early morning.

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    1. The ambience and Hollywood theme
    2. The wonderful Caribbean views
    3. The great tennis courts and the professional standard FREE tennis coaching

    Can't wait to be back home for Christmas - Roll On!!!

    Mad about tennis

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    The service, the service, THE SERVICE!

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    Good Thread.. We are thinking about our 10th anniversary at CTI... We have been to CSS,CSA. Just wondering if CTI is the place to celebrate.

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    I also loved the colors, we didn't see the resort before the remodel, but I love what was done and chosen! The color palatte is just perfect and sets the stage for relaxation in such a gorgeous place.

    We loved the island, how pretty and quiet everything was. I know some people find it full of fun and a party atmosphere, but the week we were there it was very mellow and serene.

    I also love the sense of history--some amazing people have enjoyed time at CTI since it opened in 1949. Spend some time in the piano bar looking at the glamorous pictures and thinking about how it must have been when the celebrities were getting away from it all in style! Look at these photos:

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    The Island
    The old world atmosphere
    The Romance
    Irie Mon

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    The food, private beach without all the jet skies and boats from everywhere, and the island.

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    I echo all of the others. Would like to add..
    The Hobie Cat
    Have to say staff
    And the food spoiled us

    " week long adult camp"

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    Just got back from CTI. Of course the food and staff are amazing but my three favorites are -
    1. The ambiance of the resort makes you feel like a movie star
    2. The views from the Ocean front rooms
    3. The repeat guests that you meet, bond with and share experiences with. We have not found anything like it anywhere else.

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    1) the food. The food here is amazing, and it's the #1 thing we miss when we stay as CSS.
    2) the view from my balcony. On all of our visits we have been fortunate to have an ocean view room in the main building, and we love sitting on our balcony and watching the waves on the beach and listening to the water.
    3) the island. We have met some great people and friends out there, and it is always a great and relaxing time.

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    (1) serenity

    (2) company

    (3) food

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    For me: The Island, Food,(and I'm so picky), the fun people on the Island.
    My wife: The beauty of the Resort, Spa, Food

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