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    1. Excellent staff
    2. Food
    3. Atmosphere


    1. Beef Wellington at 8 Rivers
    2. Maxine at Guest Service
    3. The feeling of being home

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    Only been once before 2009 for our silver wedding anniversay and 3 things could never be enough. I knew from reading the message board what to expect to be the favourite but the most unexpected memories for me would be

    The breathtaking view when I walked onto the balcony for the first time
    The frog chorus lulling me to sleep
    Norman Wisdom's photo in the hall of fame in the Piano Bar

    Booked for October 2012 to celebrate my 50th looking forward to being a 'repeater'- 211 days to go


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    1. Bayside
    2. Island
    3. Excursions that were included.

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    1. The Island. If they would let me, I'd stay there for my entire vacation.
    2. The location. It's so so close to the water and provide great views and relaxing sounds.
    3. (a tie) The food and the staff. The food is always 5-star and the people are always first class.
    * Please forgive any errors that you might find in the above post. All errors are a direct result of (1) too many drinks (2) the missing brain cells caused by years of abusing these above referenced drinks (3) the iniability to spell or write anything without the use of spell check or (4) the complete lack of knowledge of proper english grammer and sentence structure.

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    1. My wife at CTI
    2. The Island
    3. My wife naked on the Island...

    Seriously, too many things come to mind since our last trip in 2001...Cannot wait to experience the new look!
    [B]2017: Jun 18-25 Couples Sans Souci
    PAST TRIPS: CSS 6-'16 Azul Fives 6-'15 Desire Pearl 6-'13,5-'14
    Couples OR/TI 2-'95,6-'97,1-'00,01,4-'12 Hedo3 7-'03,04,05 GLB 7-'06,07,08,09
    Starfish 6-'07,08 Rose Hall 6-'08,09 GLN 6-'09 Breezes Rio Bueno 2-'10
    Dreams RC&PA 6-'10 Now Jade 4-'11 EDSS/HBR 7-'10,11,12,13,14,15,16 EDM 7-'14

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    1.The Island
    2. The Island
    3. The Island.

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    Just 3?....damn...ok Randymon, just 3.

    My 3 not in any order of importance.

    1) the service
    2) the "Island"
    3) the atmosphere

    But if I had 3 more,

    4) the guests
    5) the food
    6) the Piano Bar

    And of course the STAFF is second to none, so they would take up one spot in everyone's top 3!!

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    Just got home last night from our 1st trip to CTI. I'd have to say our 3 favorite things were:
    1. the views from the BALCONY - deluxe ocean view room 4212
    2. the breakfast room service on the BALCONY
    3. the mini bar service - wine, champagne, whatever on the BALCONY

    The perfect way to start and finish each day there.

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    Our three favorite things about CTI hmmmm, since I can't list the awesome staff and management

    have to say 'because it is CTI' - the resort is the best, stress free and relaxing
    The Island
    the Food

    This year will be our 8th trip and we're already booked for 2013!!!

    We're coming home - to paradise!!

    M & J

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    This is hard..there's wayyyy more than 3

    1. The Island
    2. The Piano Bar
    3. The Spa....

    and everything else that goes along with it all...

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    In no certain order:
    1. The ambiance
    2. The food
    3. The warmth of the water

    Just booked trip #4 to CTI..This time for our 10th anniversary in August 2013...Ony 535 days 23 hrs and 58 secs to go!

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    1. Ambiance.
    2. Staff who are really family.
    2. Our 2nd. home

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    I haven't even been to CTI yet (15 more days!), but I do have a few favorite things from what I've read and seen so far:

    1)The fiance and I thought this was a really cool idea as soon as we read about it.
    2)It's reputation as an elite resort
    3)The fact that so many people go back that there's a "Repeater's Dinner"

    Looking very forward to expanding on this list in the next couple weeks

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    1. The beautiful decor
    2. the spa
    3. the food

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    My husband and I married on the beach and had our honeymoon at CTI August 2011.
    Been married for 194 days and we both can't wait to go back to CTI!

    1. The ocean front room was amazing. I could sit on our balcony for hours on end.
    2. The calmness of the beach. Not too busy, but enough going on to have fun.
    3. The Buddha pool, hot tubs, and spa where you can be pampered.

    I also loved the tree frogs. I have an app on my phone to listen to them when we are missing CTI terribly! The FOOD was beyond words. Just fantastic.
    I loved how the whole resort seemed to center on the view on the fantastic view of the ocean and the island.
    The snorkeling, Dunn's River Fall's trip, shopping if you want to leave the resort was just enough fun but still relaxing to keep you in vacation mode.

    OH my....Missing CTI like crazy!!
    Weddingmoon @ CTI August 2011
    Planning our return Home!

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    #1 - the view from the room:
    Name:  10232_1229678468086_1412833940_30675595_8315695_n.jpg
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    Name:  10232_1229678308082_1412833940_30675592_8340868_n.jpg
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    #2 - the super friendly staff and feel of it in general, plus fun activities

    #3 - the fact the island is an island and not mixed in with regular beach


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    The Island
    The Swings in the Garden
    Spa pool

    My Husband:


    We loved it so much on our first trip I booked our return visit to CTI within the first week of being back stateside!

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    I know we were asked to give 3 things besides the staff but my number one reason for loving CTI is:

    1) diving with Couples best dive duo - Collin & Lloyd - they are indispensable to Couples
    2) relaxing on the NW corner of the island where I can listen to the waves crashing around me and get a little spray from them at the same time - paradise on earth!
    3) soft serve ice cream at the grill - I'm hoping the diving counteracts the effects of the ice cream intake

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    The friends we've made (staff included) in our three trips.
    The Island.

    Bruce and Kelli
    Kalamazoo, Michigan
    CN 2006, 2008; CTI 2009, 2010, 2011
    CSA 2014; JRB 2015; CSS 2017

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    1. The Island and all the people we have met there!
    2. The staff! Byron!!! an example would be, he hasnt seen me in 2 years but knew exactly who I was the minute he saw me, and always greets me with "Nebraska!" love it!
    3. a tie between the great food and the romantic atmosphere!
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    The smell of the SPA!!!!! Irie.....
    The dessert buffet every night!
    The levels of hot tubs & wide stairways down to the beach & the way the colors all blend so peacefully perfect together!

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    besides the amazing staff:
    1. the beautifully detailed architecture + design with it's "old hollywood" feel
    2. the serenity of the island [right side]
    3. the combined experience of the resort allows for a customized vacation– totally relaxing vacation or party

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    I can't wait to have my top 3 list of CTI...254 days!!! Anyone going to be there in November??

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    Default 3 favorite things about CTI?

    1 - It meets all of my must-haves for my dream vacation (no kids and all-inclusive)
    2 - The people (staff - always make you feel like you are on vacation)
    3 - The atmosphere - no pressure, do as much or as little as you want

    If I had to rank those 3, I think I would say that the "most favorite" thing is the people. We have never had a bad experience with anyone working at CTI. They really do make you feel like family.

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    The Spa area (we loved the pool and jacuzzi in that area, as well as the little juice bar)
    The seclusion
    The amazing view from our room

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