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    Default Customs question

    We fly from Houston into Miami and then onto Mo. Bay. Do we have to pass through customs in Miami?
    If so how Long does it usually take?

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    You will go through Jamaica Immigration and then Customs in Montego Bay. If you return to Houston with a stop in Miami, then upon your trip home, you will go through U.S. Immigration and then U.S. Customs in Miami before proceeding to the next leg of your flight.
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    You won't go through customs until you reach Mo'Bay.

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    Interesting. We flew direct from Houston to MoBay.
    You will go thru customs after landing in MoBay. On return, you will go thru customs at first U.S. airport you land at.

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    If you mean on your way to Jamaica... then no. You will just change planes in Miami, you won't need to claim your luggage as it will pass on to your next flight. When you get to MBJ you will go through Jamaican Immigration, collect your luggage and then go through Customs as you enter Jamaica.
    On the way home, if you stop in Miami that way too, you will need to go through Immigration there, then claim your luggage, then go through Customs, then re-check your luggage, then go through TSA Security, and on to your gate for your connecting flight. This can take an hour or it can take 2 hours, with little way to predict since it varies so much.
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    Going you go thru customs and immig. in Mobay. Returning you go thru immig. and customs in Miami

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    Coming back, you will clear Customs in Miami. Depending on the date and time, it can take ten minutes or an hour.
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    On the way to JA you'll pass through Customs there. It usually takes us about 1/2-3/4 hour to get through Customs & Immigration depending on how close the flights are coming in to Sangster. On the way home you'll pass through Customs & Immigration at the first US airport where you land. We went through Miami once and it took a little longer there than going through in JA. No matter where you go through Customs & Immigration the big thing is to be patient as they can only process so many people so fast. It also helps to have your passport available and ensure your forms are completed to expedite the process.

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    We always had to check in again for our international luggage or anything....they just check you passport
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    You will go through passport control on your takeoff point to MoBay. You will pass through Jamaican immigration when you arrive in MoBay.... you will reverse the procedure between Mobay and your port of entry into the US.

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