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    Default CSA Bars--Locations/Hours

    Anyone know where the 8 bars are? From what I've seen on the website I can see the swim up bar, martini bar, sports bar, beach bar. Can someone just make it real easy for me and list them by location and if you possibly know the hours? Just curious, thanx

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    There are 2 on the around 10am close around 6( to early)
    There is the swim up bar. Same hours ad beach bars.
    Both Plams and Patios has a bar. Not sure what time they open but close after dinner or evening entertainment. On either side of resort.
    The Martin bar up stair from the palms. Just dinner hours I think.
    Another bar is upstairs from Patios in the disco/paino bar opens 9pm tish closes when last person leaves.
    And there is a sports bar across the street for beer. Not sure of times

    Not to mention you have a mini bar in your room,that's really not so mini as bottles are full size.

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    I hope someone replies to your question. I would like to know that info too

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    The bar at the Palms and at the Aura Lounge will serve until there is no one to serve....

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Martini Bar is open until 11pm!! Our favorite! Say hello to Romaine and Sean.

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    Good to know about martini bar,after dinner drinks!!!

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    thats good to know..My husband hates it when bars close early, but I did tell him about the mini bars in the rooms.

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    beach bars close at 6pm, really? we want to be out by the ocean as much as possible

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    Saddy yes, I was told if they didn't no one would go to dinner.

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    The Main bar at the Palms is not far from the beach.... It stays open late.... So you can be on teh beach with drinks pretty late...

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    The beach bars start to close down at 6, but I have always been able to get a Red Stripe watching the sunset. Did I say "a" ?

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    And you can always bring drinks from your room.

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