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    Default Dennis the Hat Man @ CN

    (also posted on the Meet Up board for CN April 2012)
    We are arriving at CN on Thursday, April 12. Dennis (the hat maker) is there on Thursday and Saturday. I always buy a hat on the first day...but I am afraid we might get in just a little late (maybe 4:30 or 5 or so) and miss him. Can you think of a way to have Dennis leave a hat for me on Thursday and would pay him on Saturday? I know he would have no problem with that as last time I was too lazy to go to my room for cash, so he let me take a Thursday hat and I payed on Saturday.

    Two thoughts: 1) if someone reading this will be at CN on Thursday, April 12, please ask Dennis for a hat and tell him I will see him on Saturday the 14th (then leave it at the front desk for Robert & Linda). 2) Perhaps there is a Couples staff member who could do the same? (leave hat at front desk)

    I sincerely appreciate any suggestions. Thanks!

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    Hi Bert, I'll be happy to buy a hat from Dennis and leave it at the front desk for Robert & Linda or give it to you personally. We'll be there 4/7 through 4/14.


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    This reminds me of Wimpy the Hamburger guy:

    I will gladly pay you tomorrow for a hamburger today.

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    ya mon, i know dennis very well, he also goes to csa, leaving next sunday, i can give him your info and maybe he could leave it at the front desk for you ?? what do you think? one love

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    Gotta love the Couples Family!!!

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    jaydee John - Thanks so much. I will take you up on your offer! If you can pick me up a hat on Thursday the 12th of April, we will find a way to find each other that day. I suspect we will be getting to CN late in the afternoon (4 or later...thus the worry of missing Dennis). We will likely check in, drop our stuff at the room and go straight to the pool bar. We will be the pasty pale folks from NJ.

    waynef - thank you as well. I appreciate your offer...just went with John as he replied first. I hope you have a blast at CSA!

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    ya mon bert................ respect

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    Your welcome Bert! Just tell me where I can hook up with Dennis the hat man and describe the hat to me. Are they all the same?
    That's all I need and you'll have your hat as soon as you arrive on Thursday. I'm thinking pool bar or lobby. You won't have to work to hard to find me. We are a group of 22 from Maine. :-)


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    22? Wow! That is some group. I will buy each and every one a drink at the pool bar!

    Dennis sets up right next to the pool bar on Thursday and Saturday. It sounds like you will be staying Saturday to Saturday, so it depends on your arrival if you see him on Saturday. He gives hat weaving classes (which I have yet to take) and sells the hats for $12. Any hat will be appreciated, but I to kind of like the ones where the sides fold a little upward (like the one Dennis is wearing in the photo I will post). I tend to run a little large in hat size, but not overly...but made out of leaves, they are flexible and will adjust to my noggin.

    Here I am with Dennis from a year ago:
    Name:  Dennis Hat.JPG
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    My wife wanted me to upload this next being silly on the catamaran cruise, doing a bit of pole dancing (hey, it's all fun as long as no one gets hurt )

    Name:  Hat Pole Dance.JPG
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    I got it Bert! See you on Thursday the April 12.
    The hat looks cool, is it comfortable and is it hot?

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    I find the hat to be pretty comfortable. It certainly does a fine job of keeping the sun off of my face. I can get it wet and it doesn't matter (I often take it out in the water with me while I float and sip a cocktail). I like has become part of my CN tradition to always sport a Dennis hat. I here it is hit or miss as far as taking them home through customs. I have 2 at home. Last time I just left it at the resort. If you arrive early enough on Saturday to see Dennis, you should grab one for your stay!

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    That's my man - pole dancing! Ha ha. Can't wait to get back there! 35 days soon come. Woo hoo!

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    Hope you are having a blast! We will see you at the pool bar in 3 days. I can't wait!


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