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    Default CSS - advice very welcome - rooms and map

    Hi Everyone

    We have been to CN and CSA four times now and are about to book a split holiday between CSA and CSS. We love the atrium rooms at CSA and have never felt the need to book beachfront at CSA or CN. We do understand that the vibe at CSS is different but can't wait to try it.

    We are struggling to understand the aerial CSS map on the website and all the messages about various named blocks don't seem to match the aerial map. Would someone be kind enough to explain what is where and also where all the steps are? Does anyone have a better map?

    Secondly we would love advice about which type of room ( or even a specific room) to pick. Our requirements are:

    [LIST][*]we don't need a huge room or posh bath - happy with a shower[*]a balcony/verandah you can sit out on comfortably is very important [*]we need to be mindful of cost[*]not too noisy's hoping the "family" out there can help!


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    please can anyone help with info or a suggestion?

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    When you look at the map everything to the left of the beach area is built into the hill side with pathways of steps to get around. Lots of up and down. The lobby, Balloon Bar with evening entertainment, Cassanova Reataurant (fancy one), mineral pool, spa, and gym are all up on the hill. The area behind the sand is where the Beachfront Suites are and they are the only level areas to stay at while avoiding those steps. It may help to know that breakfast and lunch are served in the Palazzina Restaurant at the base of the hillside on the same level as the BFS rooms. Since you are used to rooms at CN and CSA where the grounds are flat you may want to look into a Beachfront Suite to stay in. Beachfront here only means on the same level as the beach as the great lawn is between the rooms and the sand. We have been to CSS 3 times and always stay in the BFS. The Sunset Beach, which is also the au natural pool and beach during the day, is located on the lower level to the far right.

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    Hi Ruth!
    Welcome to CSS I HOPE that you will love it as much as CSA!

    Here's my attempt to impart some clarity....If you don't want to do a lot of steps, Blocks A and B are the Beachfront Suites and they are the closest to the Main Beach and Pool and TWO restaurants--Palazzina and the Beach Grill/Bella Vista. If you are interested in SSB these blocks are the closest. The rooms are a good size and they have a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom! The only drawback that I see is that the balconies are small--only room for a small bistro table and 2 chairs. The only stairs would be up to your room if you were on the second or third level and of course the hike up to the

    As for wonderful views and a nice balcony, I've heard that the veranda suites in G Block are amazing, but there are a lot of stairs.

    I would suggest going back to the CSS web page and checking out the rooms that fit your budget and look at the block designations assigned to those rooms. Blocks A, B, C, D, and E are either at beach level or are at the midpoint of the stairs. Block s F and G are the furthest from the beach.

    All the best,

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    First - re rooms, from your list you would be happy with an Ocean Verandah Suite , the lowest category (Ocean Suites) do not have a balcony or verandah. The OVS in D block would not be too noisy because they are far away from the Balloon Bar where the entertainment happens.

    Re layout - if you go to the Map on the Sans Souci part of this website, you will see a green peninsula, like a large green teardrop, to the right of this is a beach and pool, this is SunSet Beach (the nude beach). To the left of the teardrop is another beach and pool - behind the pool are (from the right) A and then B blocks.

    Keep going left, C Block is hidden amongst the trees. Coming slightly forward onto what looks like a small peninsula is D Block - it is made up if two sets of two parallel lines. Next is E Block.

    Then there are 2 pools, the one nearest the sea is the mineral pool and to its right is the gym. The pool behind it is outside reception, near Casanova and the Balloon Bar. To the left of this is F Block and then further forward towards the sea is G block.

    The steps start near the beach to the right of D Block and then wind their way up to G Block at the top of the resort. It is not one set of steps, rather it is groups of steps with buildings and gardens, pools and hidden jacuzzis between them.

    Hope this helps. We too are CSA Atrium fans and we loved CSS.

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    We have stayed there once and are going back next week. Yeah!!! We stayed in the one bedroom beach front and loved it. The steps are not bad and in fact we enjoy walking them in the mornings. The grounds are so beautiful and there are many nooks and crannies to discover. I guess this wasn't much help but maybe a little. Enjoy your stay.

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    We have been to CSS twice and love it. We have stayed in the one bedroom beachfront suiet both times. Plenty of room for two people to sit on balcony and enjoy dinner or just to relax. It is close to everything other then the Pallizina . Hope this helps
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    I would opt for the 1 bedroom suite. The baclony is quite large, where as the beachfron verandah and suite rooms they are quite small. However, the 1 bedroom suite rooms are not beachfront.

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    Sorry I ment Cassonova not Palizzina
    CSS OCT 2009, 2011, 2014,2015

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    Thank you very much everyone - we understand the map properly after your help and can make an informed choice. We will be booking on Tuesday after the bank holiday for next February.

    R xx

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ruthjfj View Post
    Thank you very much everyone - we understand the map properly after your help and can make an informed choice. We will be booking on Tuesday after the bank holiday for next February.

    R xx
    We have stayed at CSS twice after two trips to CN.

    We LOVE being up in the cliffs, been in G block both times, LOVED our rooms. We book 1 Bdroom Ocean Suite w/balcony. We really enjoy the extra large balcony, and the views and the separate large rooms. We enjoyed being up in the cliffs walking hand in hand through different routes, dipping in each of the pools, late night hidden hot tub, stopping in at the Balloon Bar for a nightcap. Made us feel we got to enjoy so much more of the resort.

    Our friends loved the Beachfront Rooms, they did not want to deal with the stairs. So it is all what you are looking for.

    We opted for VIEW, and it's always better at the top! One more thing I do love about CSS is that ALL rooms do have ocean views, but some are better than others!

    We love CSS! Enjoy!


    CN 06, 07
    CSS 08, 10
    CN 2013

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