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    Default anyone from Missouri?

    We will be arriving at CN the evening of Jan. 27,2012. Wondered if there would be anyone from Missorui there? We met a great couple from England on our honeymoon at CTI in 2010, and still keep in touch.

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    We will be there 2-18 for a week, sorry we will miss you. We are your neighbors in Springfield!! Small world isn't it!! I work with some Rog folks with kids 7-13 ages.


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    We are outta here tomorrow....certainly ready for some sun and sand!

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    Is there anything we should go see or do while we are in negril? Alot of stuff about Ricks Cafe butdidnt know if it was worth going. Im supposed to bring a cute tee shirt home for a friend so I will have to go shopping at some point.

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    MIZ.... Wife graduated in 2000 Bach of Journalism

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