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    Default "Salon" style hair dryers, Really?

    We are heading to CSS in 3 wks!!! I usually bring my own hair dryer since the hd at CN 2009 tried to eat my hair...Has something changed? Are they still same little wall mount dryers? Funny too we were there 3 days before I found the switch to turn on the dryer in the hallway, I just thought it must be broken!

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    I, too, cannot wait to hear about the hairdryers. Secrets Wild Orchid and Capri had great ones, so I didn'[t have to bring my own. Everywhere else I've ever been in the Carubbean supplies them, but, yes, they eat your hair!! I would love not to have to bring my own, but it's worth it if the ones supplied are not any good-getting your hair sucked into a hairdryer is no fun at all. And I don't even have long hair.

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    Default Hair Dryers..

    Yes, anyone else please elaborate. I would love to not have to lug my hairdryer to Jamaica if I don't have to this year.

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    When we were there last year, they were the same! Those little hang on the wall types, and yes I to have had my hair caught in them. I just have to make sure I take industrial strength frizzees and let my hair curl like it wants to anyway.

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    Bring your own. We were there in Dec and it is still the tiny wall type. Have fun

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    I figured they were still the small hungry ones! Looks like I will bring from home again...I try to air dry as best I can but have thick long hair so....once you go you know. Ha! Lots of buns & up-dos. Can't wait for CSS in 19 days!!!

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