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    Default Which Resort has the best pools?

    We are looking for a resort that has great pools and swim up bars!

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    CN - Hands down THE BEST pool & swim up bar .... IMO of course.

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    That all depends on what makes a pool great to you. None of the resorts have those giant fancy pants over blown pools. They are for the most part pools with swim-up bars in them.

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    They all have them. Cnegril's is probably the largest.

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    CN has two pools, the swim-up is in the center of the resort. I've never been in either of the pools at CTI only visited. We have never even seen CSA. Now CSS has 4 pools and two have swim-up bars. While the main pool at CSS can get busy and fun at times, I would say that CN is the most favorable for regular swim-up activity.

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    I am always amazed at the amount of time some people spend in the pool at the bar, never getting out to "take a break". But I try not to think about that (I always leave the pool for a break, BTW )

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