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    Depends on the time of day and activity!

    Right after diving, Nutty Jamaican (rum cream & Frangelico) or Nuts & Berries (The Couples version is Frangelico, blackberry brandy, Amaretto). Both served on ice with a cocktail straw. The sweetness helps balance out the saltwater from diving, and when its your first drink of the day, gotta go pure liquor!

    Standard pool bar maintenance drink, Appleton V/X, coconut rum, and pineapple juice with a dark rum floater (followed by shots of Nutty Jamaican or Mexican Dessert)

    For walks down the beach to Office of Nature or any other sweaty adventure, Red Stripe, Carib, Miller Lite, or any other readily portable beer.

    Cat Cruise, rum punch

    Sunset Bar Shuttle (to Pushcart), Guinness

    Piano Bar, Guinness or Heineken

    Any stop off-resort at a jerk stand or gas station, Dragon Stout

    In-room cocktail before dinner, vodka with either cranberry, tonic, ginger ale or Ting. Or, maybe a mimosa or rum & Pepsi (since they don't have Coke!)

    So basically, every mood has it's own unique libation. Don't limit yourself to the same ol standard drink that you can always get at home. Mix it up!

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    In the morning, Sour Sop juice and champagne. Love my Jamaican mimosa and something I can't come close to making at home.

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    Our favorite is Dirty Banana with extra shot of dark rum (we like it strong) ! It's so good!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Godiva View Post
    I don't typically go for a lot of sweet drinks, but I loved Jamaican Smiles--if I remember correctly, it's half pina colada and half strawberry daiquiri, swirled in the glass, with a bit of rum cream floated on top (if you want it). The only thing is, they have to make two at a time (one whole colada and one whole daiquiri=two drinks!), so find a friend or drink fast!
    Anyone that likes the Miami Vice will like the Jama Smile (which is a Vice with a floater of rum on top)! Our favorite Drink of the Day was the June Plum at CTI. No clue what it was but we LOVED them! Breakfast is good with a cherry juice mimosa as well! We tried everything under the sun and tequila was the shot of choice... Woo Hoo's, Ting and vodka, dirty bananas... marleys... try em all!!!

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    Two more restless nights and I'll be hanging at the CN Poolbar! Here's my latest list:


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    Quote Originally Posted by domino View Post
    Two more restless nights and I'll be hanging at the CN Poolbar! Here's my latest list:

    Seriously, domino.... You have to try that whole list! That would be crazy! Just make sure you put the right drinks together in succession. Like nothing with creme de menthe right before or after any of the sweet ones. Once you try a Bob Marley, you'll know why! Enjoy!

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    Thought this one could use a bump. Any more?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dank120 View Post
    Seriously, domino.... Once you try a Bob Marley, you'll know why! Enjoy!
    .....Totally agree!!

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    When we were there last year, I'd ask the bartenders to make me their speciality. They loved doing it and each and everyone was delicious.

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    Hunter S. Thompson - Tequila (make sure you ask for the Jose gold) and grapefuit juice.

    I would also second the caesar - all the bars at CN now stock Clamato juice at the bar ! Something that Canadians love!

    Number 3 - is vodka and ting.

    We are 44 days away from coming home. Say hi to Franklyn, Otis, Orvin, and Ricky at the Pool Bar, as well as Elkie at the main bar. Tell them that Will & Jen from Canada are looking forward to seeing them again.


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    doncindy... Thanks for getting this one re-started... On the beach I start the day with a Rum punch - with the extra rum on top for me and Red Stripe whenever. My wife loves the Dirty Bananas! She'll usually have wine with dinner. Always plenty of ice water to compliment any beverage - one for one is our rule. 4 more sleeps and we'll be at the CSA beach bar

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    Disaronno on the rocks with a touch of rum cream...
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    My wife liked the"open zip" or "unzip" (it was on the pool bar menu) After she had a few, I liked it too! I usually started with a mudslide while we were on the beach, but my fall-back is always Appleton's and Ting. BTW, last night we booked our second trip to CSA! We'll be "Home" in May!!!

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    A BBC is a blended drink with Bailey's, banana, milk, and a little simple syrup. I prefer it with rum cream though. The Hummingbirds mentioned above are similar with a little strawberry syrup. If you ask for a rum punch always specify a VX punch so you get the better Appleton Rum. Not to worry though. There are drink menues at all the bars.

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    When I get to CN, the first drink I have is a Bob Marley. That is also how I generally start the day when the beach bar opens. A Bob Marley a day keeps the doctor away, although I have a few more throughout the day.

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    im a Ceasar girl... heading to CSA for first time in 3 weeks .... is there good Clamato @ CSA?? Not tomatoe juice... but the real clamato for ceasars??

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    Champagne in the morning to toast the sunrise
    A Margarita, Tom Collins, or a Red Stripe for lunch
    A Bob Marley in the afternoon
    Red Wine for dinner
    Johnny Walker Black late at night.

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    I always start my day with the "Drink of the Day" just to add some variety.

    Then I usually switch to a drink invented on CN's Au Naturel Beach, The Bare Hug...

    Pineapple juice, lime juice, a splash of Ting for some sparkle and some of Appleton's finest

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    Vodka slushie! It's like a grown up frozen lemonade! Very good and refreshing. Also at dinner order a piña Colada the ones on the beach are ok but the fresh made ones at the restaurant bars are AMAZING!

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    Glenlivet or Johnny Walker Black

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    With all of the top shelf liquor, I'm still a big sucker for good ole Rum Punch. I just love it down there.

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    Transfusion....Vodka,Grape juice, and a splash of soda

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    I am all about the Rick James

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    TRM - yes it is real Clamato juice. I know CN has Clamato in the bars as well as the mini-bars. When I did trading places to CSA they only had Clamato in the mini-bars.

    Maybe another Canadian who stays as CSA can confirm Clamato availability in CSA.

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    The Next One!

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