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    Default Bringing Coffee Back to Canada

    Anyone have experience bringing coffee back home to Canada? I checked the Canada Customs website and it looks like coffee is permitted but would like to hear any real life experiences. We'll have $300 in resort credits so we plan on stocking up on Blue Mountain.

    57 days to go…can't wait to come home!

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    Well, can't say for Canada, seeing as I'm north of you, but I brought coffee back into the US with no problems. Tossed the package into our checked bag (along with our 2 bottles of Appleton, 1 bottle of Couples Love Potion, and souvenir photo) and had no problems.

    I think most countries, it's fresh fruit / veggies that they're mostly concerned with, as those are most likely to harbor invasive insects...

    I say, stock up on the BM, put it in your luggage (checked or carry-on, it's not a liquid...) and enjoy when you get home!

    (PS, bonus points to anyone who figures out how I can be north of Canada while in the USA )
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    No problem!! We brought back about 14 lbs. of coffee beans! It was comical weighing and reweighing our suitcases as we shifted pounds of coffee back and forth to keep our bags under the weight limit!! Whatever your limit is, say $750, that's what you can bring back.....if it's coffee beans, well great! We're addicted to the stuff, so make sure we bring back enough to last until our NEXT visit. Perfect way to use up resort credits!

    I don't know about availability of 100% Blue Mountain beans in Ontario, but in Calgary I finally found someone who would sell me some beans, but it was going to cost me $91/lb.!!! So when I run out of beans, I HAVE to return to the best place on earth, and restock!

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    We brought back 8 pounds to Toronto. Some in our checked bags and some in carry-on. Also playing the weight game. No questions asked at customs. Hope it lasts until we go again in September.
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    Thanks Jason and randijean46! That puts my mind at ease!

    Jason…my guess is that you're in Alaska? If so, you live in a beautiful part of the world. We did an Alaskan cruise 2 years ago and it has become one of my favorite trips.

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