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    Default Flight Cancelled

    Just informed from our TA that our Friday November 30 flight with Caribbean Airlines out of Phila has been canceled, don't know what is happening with them. Kind of early to be canceling flights.

    Trying to move up one day and hopefully Couples will honor our previous rate.
    If we can't get it, then we will be staying home or flying somewhere else, because I like the direct flight and going later and coming home earlier with some airlines, is for the birds.

    Days of old with Air Jamaica, will wait and see what happens.

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    There are plenty of flight options. In sure you'll be okay. It's 8 months away. Most people going then probably don't even have a flight yet.

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    I would check directly with Caribbean Air. It would not be the first time a TA has made a mistake. We have flown AJ for the last 8 years and have never had a problem with flights being canceled. We are scheduled to fly out on 13 April this year. US air has a direct flight out of PHL that leaves a little later but you should still be to the resort for lunch.

    Phinns Up

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    Could be a seasonal flight that has been canceled for the summer but will be back in the fall. While I will not say not to worry, I know I would, it is far enough in advance that you should be able to get information about the cancellation from someone other then your TA.

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    Air Jamaica (Caribbean Air) just canceled our (paid in full) air for 4/24/2012, and just canceled our return trip also on 5/3/2012. TA is working on shifting to another airline which gets to Mo Bay later...Yuck, and a return trip that leaves earlier...Yuck!......Or shifting the trip a day or two if CSS agrees!
    Much rather shift the trip so that we get to CSS earlier. Gotta love the 6am flights out of Philly, although they be going bye bye!
    So we may have to wait another day to go home!

    See you on the beach, what day?, we don't know anymore!

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    Bruce in this case it was not the agent, please don't be so quick to make that assumption. It looks like all Friday flights from PHL on Caribbean Air from March 23 on have been pulled. You might want to make sure your flight has not been cancelled.

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    There was a thread last night on TA from a young couple going on their honeymoon with the same issue. We all gave him lots of options.

    Maybe it is me but it sounds like you are giving Couples an ultimatum. ......move our dates at the same price or we will cancel. None of this is Couples fault it is Caribbean Air who has been doing crappy things since they took over Air Jamaica. There is no way I would EVER book with them even if they are $60.00 PP less then Air Tran out of BWI.

    I know Couples will try their best to help you out but they are under no obligation to do so. Sometimes we all just have to make whatever decisions we have to make. If you are willing to give up Couples because you want to stick with an airline in order to get a direct flight......well.....maybe Mexico has some resorts you would be comfortable with

    Good luck......

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    Hey Bruce, Just comfirmed with AJ/Caribbean Air that all Friday flights PHLto MBJ have been after March 16th.
    Yes I am a Travel Consultant and I pass this information onto you for free!

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    We have been flying AJ since 1990 and have been to grand opening sa and cn, and all four resorts, and the 10th anniversary at cn, since Couples will not honor our pricing by moving us up one day, they want to give us another special, which is more money, we most likely will be canceling our trip, through no fault of our own. All of you flying Caribbean Airlines, better keep an eye out on what is happening with them. Maybe somebody else has a special that we can take advantage of, oh well, it's a big let down, because of the anticipation of another trip. Thank you Caribbean Airlines, never had a problem with AJ in 26 trips. Over to the Legion for a beer, that I can cry in.

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    I am not giving Couples an ultimatum, nor am I blaming Couples, nor will I blast them on it on some other website, I realize they are a business, just like I am, just thought it was logical that you booked and it could be moved up one day, but obviously it is not. And by the way, I will not go to Mexico. I guess I could go one day less and still be in the original stay. I don't know, if that is doable, I will think about it over the weekend and see what happens. Yes, I am spoiled with the early morning flights, doing it for 23 years and habits are hard to break.

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    November is a busy month for Couples. Simple supply and demand. Maybe instead of moving up a day ask them to move back a day or two to get into December where the rates are lower.

    I agree this is not your fault, nor is it Couples fault, nor is it Air Jamaica fault since they have not been in business for at least 18 months. It is Caribbean Airs' fault. You can either be more flexible & change airlines, stay home or change destinations. Yeah it sucks big time but when it comes to going on vacation I find a way to make it work! What is wrong with the US Air flight or drive to BWI & take the Air Tran will be on the beach by noon?

    There are plenty of options.....But not the one you want?

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    Well...our flight on April 13 was cancelled. There was no offence meant to travel agents. We've just seen other people on the message board make comments about false information they had received from their travel agents. I was not speaking from personal experience. Thank God for our travel agent. He contacted my wife at work today and she made the decision to cancel the flight down and back with Caribbean Air and booked with US Air. We have friends going with us that were already flying US air due to frequent flyer miles so now we are on their flight. It will be fun to travel with them. It sounds like my wife made a sound decision. Thank goodness there were still seats available. We really loved Air Jamaica/Caribbean Air but it looks like that will be a thing of the past. We hope everyone is able to resolve their issues and have an enjoyable vacation wherever that may be. Maybe instead of going in November you could just wait until next spring and take advantage of the 2013 early booking and do something else this year. Couples is wonderful but the travel part really stinks. You just never know what's going to happen.

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    I really don't think it matters what airline you fly anymore - they cancel and change flights all the time with very little consideration for travelers - I have booked great flights to Couples on 2 differnent occasions with 2 different airlines only to have them change deaprture times making it impossible for us to make connecting flights!!! And their response - too bad - we make changes all the time - sorry for the inconvenience - now you get to spend 3 hours in the airport instead of at Couples - they just don't give a ****!
    Got that out of my system - 41 days to go till we arrive at CSA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow....I'm glad I checked this board. I just checked our AJ flights out of Philly, and yes, it's cancelled. Never got any notifications from AJ! We're scheduled to arrive May 4 and depart May 11. I just checked AJ flights within 3 days of 4th and 11th, and it shows nothing available.

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    Thanks for the heads up about Caribbean Air dropping some of the flights from Phila. We already have our annual December trip to CSA booked and I was going to book our flight soon. Planned on leaving Phila on a Wednesday and spending 3 nights at CTI before heading to CSA, looks like that plan will have to change since ,as far as I can tell, flights out of Phila are now only on Sunday,Monday,Thursday and Saturday.May have to leave on Thursday and do 2 nights on the cliffs before CSA instead of going to CTI. Oh well... I'll get back to CTI someday and I do also love the cliffs, so I"ll manage. Did you consider maybe doing something like that? There's a number of decent inexpensive places to stay in Negril for a night, might want to consider that if your able to add an extra vacation day.

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    My hubby and I was informed yesterday that our aj flight out of Philly on may 22nd was cancelled the bad news is now we have to scramble to find another one, the good news is we might get an extra day at CSA cause of it

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    We heard the same thing about a flight planned in September. What a bummer.

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    Well, called Air Jamaica this morning. They re-booked us to Sat from Friday. I emailed Couples this morning, asking to change our reservation from Friday to Sat arrival. Already got confimation back from them confirming this change. That was easy.

    Funny, we can fly back to Philly on Friday 5/11, but can't fly our of Philly on 5/4. We lost a day at Couples
    :-(. I gues that means next time we have to stay a day longer :-).

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    Has anyone been able to confirm that Caribeean Airlines are still flying out of Phila on Saturdays?
    Art xo Francine

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    So using a Travel Consultant might be a good thing?

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    I believe US Airways has direct two morning flights to MoBay every day at 7:55 & 9:55 out of Philadelphia. They are the ones we usually take.

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    Hi Francine, They are still flying on Saturdays as of right now. Just keep your eye on them.


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    Air Jamaica/Caribbean Air schedule----Leave Philly on Sat., Sun., Mon., and Thurs.
    Return to Philly on Sat., Sun., Wed., and Friday

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    AJ did this to us a few years ago on a Wed. flight out of Philly. They cancelled all Wednesday flights permanently. It forced us to start flying out on Thursdays. They did the same thing to our friends from Chicago (back when they flew out of Chicago) Just cancelled all flights forcing them to scramble to find other means. I still love the 6:00 am flight and getting into MoBay by 9:30 and will still fly Carribean Air.

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    Our return flight for 04/30 (Monday) was cancelled, as well. We just moved to the US Air flight.

    Honeymooning at CTI - April 2012

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