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    Default Dinner/Spa Reservations

    Hey there, does anyone know if you can make dinner or spa reservations before arriving. I thought my travel agent mentioned being able to but I done see anyone on the website mentioning this.


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    Have to wait till you get there.

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    Hi headrockk,
    You don't say what resort you're going to, but I know at CSS you can't make dinner reservations until you check in and have a room/suite number, but you can make spa appointments in advance.

    Have a great trip!

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    Yea - I was wondering about that too as I have been reading that sometimes upon check-in there are no reservations left for some things...

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    You have to wait until at the resort and then book your reservation at the concierge desk for dinner. That way guests already at the resort can still get a reservation as well. Especially if they tried a restaurant and wanted a another meal there before leaving or just didn't know that the fancier restaurants required reservations. This is the only fair way to do this so all guests get a chance. I am not sure about the spa.

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    You can book a private dinner before arrival but not regular dinners. I also believe there is a link on the spa page to book spa appointments prior to arrival. The rest have to wait.

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