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    Default what is repeaters dinner??

    Hi everyone. I've been reading many posts from people on here about Repeaters Dinner on certain days at resorts. What exactly is that? I have an idea (if you have been to a resort before) but not 100% sure if I am correct. Can other people attend this dinner or not?

    Thanks. Going to CTI for our Honeymoon can't wait....240 days to go!!!

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    Hi Stef528,
    Yes, you're right, it's a dinner that repeat guests are invited to attend. I'll attend my first one next month, on our second trip to CSA.

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    It's a very nice dinner at the "formal" restaurant at the resort (the 8 Rivers at CTI). Anyone who has been at a Couples resort previously is invited. Each table has its own host. The host is someone senior from the company, the resort or one of the Couples promotional people who work in the various markets. For example, the host at our table was from the Caribbean, but worked in Canada promoting the Couples resorts. Not that the food is ever less than outstanding, but at this dinner, it was fantastic. I highly recommend it. Have fun!

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    You are correct the Repeaters Dinner is for repeat guest, It is where Couples brings out the best for its returning guests.

    Unfortunately this dinner is limited to returning guests only. You get to go on your returning trip.

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    We love the Repeaters Dinner. Depending on where and when you go, it can be a really big party (50-60 people at CSA one time) or a quaint affair (20 people at CSS last August) Lots of fun, great food, usually some better than house wine and all the inside information of what is happening at the resorts. Plus you get to share your feeling with management and make suggestions for improvements to the resorts. They really listen and respond if they can.

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    when is the repeaters dinner at CSS? I can't seem to find it on the activities list.......thanks!

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    thanks! that is what i thought....but i won't be able to go, since this is going to be our first time at Couples, but after reading lots of posts on here, I believe we will be back

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