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    Default Staff/Guest Talent Show...

    Does anyone know what type of talent guests have done in the past for the Talent Show at CTI?

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    Bump.... I'd like to know also....

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    BUMP!!! Any takers?

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    My husband has performed in several of them - he plays piano and sings. Last year at CSA he was the only guest participant! At COR (as it was then) he did a song on his own, then joined 2 other guests and the band for one.

    We've seen mostly musical talents, but I've heard of people dancing.

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    I always think I'm going to do this... but it always ends up that I've had... how shall I say.... a little too much fun when the time rolls around!

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    My husband and I did a dance in the talent show this past Thursday night. The only her guest performance was a singer and the social directors did two numbers as well.

    Do whatever your heart desires...the social directors are a big help- ask for David and tell him George and Jackie recommended him- HIGHLY!

    Have fun!

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    I have played the keyboard several times in the talent show. I have also seen folks sing, dance, and once we even had a martial arts demonstration by one of the guests. They are a lot of fun to participate in and the band members are all very good musicians. Cornell plays the guitar when he is there.

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    My Husband did stand up comedy two years in a row. He was the only guest to participate. BIG FUN!!!!!!!

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    Default staff/guest Talent Show

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