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    6 more days to CSS! Was wondering if there was a way to request a room before arrival? We're staying in a 1 bedroom beachfront suite and would rather not be on the ground floor. Is there someone I can email for this request?

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    You can REQUEST when you check in.

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    Hi tonyo!
    You are sooooo lucky to be going to CSS so soon! We don't get to go "home" until July! You can request a particular room or floor in Block A or B (where the Beachfront Suites are located) upon arrival. You can't make a request in advance. The staff will do all that they can to give you the room you want.

    Have a great trip!

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    we are staying at CSA end of May and I emailed Couples from this website using the contact us by email page with a room request, and I go a quick response today, that my request was noted but not guaranteed,which is the case any hotel/resort...but I was happy with the response...hopefully we will get it...

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    scroll down to the bottom of the message board page, and you will see the Contact Us link...or you can find it on the home page as well..

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    Couples does not accept advanced requests (unless you have a physical/medical condition that mandates a first-floor room). Couples previously did accept advanced requests, but too many guests assumed that their requests had to be honored and were rude/ugly when Couples wasn't able to honor their request upon arrival.

    You can make your request when you arrive. If a non-first-floor room is available, Couples will happily put you in it.
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    Every year our TA writes it up somehow that we would prefer an upper floor. Of course they can't guarantee that you will get it, but we've never had a problem. Every year we get an upper floor.

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