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    Default Shotpool Volleyball

    We would like to thank everyone who Let us play and every one who played Shotpool Volleyball.
    We had a great time.

    The Shotpool Volleyball Gang
    Dick & Dawn,John & Patti

    Special Thanks to Budlight Guy

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    So what is shotpool volleyball? I have an idea based on the title but I'm still curious.


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    Can you explain the game

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    to me... sounds like volleyball, played in a pool, while taking shots... lol

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    It is pool volleyball with a shot....if you cost your team the point ( you miss hit the ball), then you take a drink out of the big mixer jug. It is more about the fun and the spirit of getting to jab the person that missed the shot than getting hammered, although that has happened (right Kris)!!!!! For those that played this year, send me an email please at BudLightGuy.....I have some info to share about next year.


    If it weren't for Dick, Dawn, John and Patti having the thought to do this 3 years ago, this possible olympic sport would of never been played!!!!

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    Olympic Sport?

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