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    Hi All!

    Heading to CSA for the Honeymoon June 5th. My fiance and I both love seafood, especially lobster! I have read on the site that there is a lobster night but only during select months. Any chance we can still indulge in some lobster during our stay? If not, I guess we will survive lol...what other types of seafood has everyone else been able to enjoy while CSA???



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    April 1 -June 30 ... no lobster. Sorry! Many other good things to enjoy though!

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    Congratulations! We'll be down the beach at CN for our anniversary on the 4th!

    Unfortunately it will be lobster free. Season on lobster is closed in June. No fear, there should be other options for you, the Couples Chefs are the BEST! My favorite is the fried snapper sandwich on coco bread!

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    No lobster, but you'll have lots to choose from including yummy shrimp. I agree with Tom-n-Lori that the snapper on coco bread is excellent. You'll find that at Sea Grapes. Also try their sweet potato chips. I miss them already!

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