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    We have never been to couples but have a trip planned for CTI in June. We were so torn between the two sides of the island but settled on CTI with the hopes of maybe next year trying the Negril side. With the 2013 deals now out, I am seriously tempted to already book a date for next year doing the love a way plan. But we have 4 small kids and would be limited with when we can do it, and since its so far out, I can't honestly say when that would be. Should I book based on my best guess? From what I understand, you can change your dates later as long as they are still in the same season, is this correct? Also, How does it work if we decide to cancel? As long as its withing 45 days we get it all back? Has anyone done this, or have any advice?

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    My problem too! If we book April 2013 now it's too early for flights to be booked. Is there any leaway for moving the hotel dates a couple of days either way? Without penalty?

    Usually you would have to cancel and rebook but the cost difference in this case would probably be big and would you also lose the $300?

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    If you are definitely planning to go in 2013 then you should take your best guess at dates and book now. The price will only go higher if you wait. We saved considerable money by booking for this spring prior to the price increase last June.

    Couples will let you shift dates without charging extra as long as there is room availability and the rates for the new dates are not in a seasonally higher rate category.

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    Randymon has said that there is no penalty for changing dates within a season. So if you book now and then find you need to move a day or two, there should be no problem.

    CSS April 29-May 10, 2013

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