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    Default Wedding Photographer Question

    I'm new to this Board and posted a message my first day, but heck if I can navigate through this thing and find any pardon my redundancy.

    We are getting married on the island at CTI in November. We met with the staff there in July, including the photographer. We are under the impression from the literature that we MUST use a Couples photographer - no outside vendors. But I see many postings of recommendations of photographers that have been used at Couples.

    Can someone clarify? I don't want to get stuck with lousy pictures when everything thus far has been IDEAL! Especially Latoya!!

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    This is what I found on the Wedding Faq section of the website regarding photographers. I have booked Stacey Clark for my wedding on Dec. 14th. Just note that you have to pay 500 extra to use an outside photographer if you chose. Hope this helps!!!

    "Can we hire an outside photographer?
    Effective December 1, 2008 outside photographers will be allowed at all properties for a fee of $500 for up to two photographers. All wedding couples who have reserved weddings prior to this date will be allowed to use outside photographers at the current vendor fee of $175. The vendor fees are waived if the photographer is a paying guest staying at Couples for a minimum of three nights."

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    You CAN use an outside photographer, but there is a fee. I have no idea how much though. From what I've read, some of the photographers will split the fee with you.

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