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    Just booked our 2nd trip to CTI in 2years..5/10/12 - 5/17/12..I was noticing on line that all rooms come with a mini-bar, is that correct? 2 years ago when we were there, only the suites and premier rooms had the mini-bars. Looking forward to a relaxing week of sun and fun.

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    Yes it's true. It's something new as of last year I believe. there is a slip that you can fill out each day requesting what you would like in the fridge. They come around each day and leave your order. It's a great benefit that they added.

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    Yes! From what I have heard and read on-line all the rooms at CTI now have mini-bars.

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    All rooms have mini bars and room service from 7 am-11 pm. They began this last year when they discontinued the horseback riding.

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    only 176 days to go!! Can't wait!! Really excited aobut the mini bar and room service.

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