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    Default CN- Food Quality?

    We are very close to booking out trip to CN (first timers) in May (19-26)2012 and the only true question left is: How's the food quality? We are self-proclaimed food snobs or foodies but we also understand that this will not be a 3-Michelin star resort. I can easily look past the food quality a bit for someone to bring me a fresh RS on the beach or enjoy the AN side of things. But my wife is hung up on whether or not the quality will be a bit too much like ponderosa, old country buffet, red lobster, etc. We've enjoyed a lot of resorts in the Caribbean and have been overwhelmed and underwhelmed at some places but I've been to Negril before and enjoyed 7 mile beach while on college spring break and assured here the beaches are wonderful and that we both look forward to sharing some time in the sun and relaxing.

    Thanks for looking and sharing

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    I cannot imagine anyone thinking that the food at CN is too Ponderosa-ish. It is in a word AMAZING! There are buffets for breakfast and lunch but dinner is a sit-down meal, served in courses. I'm not particularly a fan of buffets, but even I enjoy them. I've read on this board people who were complaining about one little thing or another, but always said the food was phenomenal!

    Truly hope you enjoy your stay!

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    Default Food

    Sue and I were there in 2010. We are not food snobs but we are exposed to some good cuisine at some very nice resorts. (Sue is in the hospitality business) Let me say that everything I consumed at CN was excellant both in taste, presentation and atmosphere. The latter two, as you know, are as important as the first. You shouldn't lose any weight while staying there. We didn't . 36 days.....

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    We are a bit of food snobs ourselve and the food at CN is wonderful.

    Food is subjective, but the food at CN is very good. No it won't be like the Ponderosa or Golden Corral or any chain restaruants.

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    So at CN lunches are mainly buffets? Is that why I have read reviews that say CSA has more 'a la carte' options?

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    I once made the comment to some others at CN "in all honesty, you don't go to CN for the food." That was too harsh. The food is really, really good. Not like a fine dining restaurant, but you don't seem to have that type of expectation. If you want to find something to be disappointed in, you certainly will be able to find it...but that is too much like work. There are plenty of choices ranging from very good to great that you don't need to worry about anything.

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    seriously, the food is great. coming from a foodie, you'll find plenty for you, and those that do like the chains. lychee is great, and the jerk is best at cn. consider doing a split between cn and csa-they are moments away from one another and such great things at both.

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    Without a doubt, the food at CN is awesome! There are a lot of choices everywhere and both the a la carte and buffet options are excellent. There are basic things from burgers all the way to high end, gourmet dishes as well.
    There are sample menus under the restaurant section of the resort info if you wanted to get a better idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ella86 View Post
    So at CN lunches are mainly buffets? Is that why I have read reviews that say CSA has more 'a la carte' options?

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    CN has 2 choices for lunch, the beach grill, not a buffet, and the Cassava Terrace which is a buffet. Couples Swept Away, has a buffet plus 3 other places you can eat that are not buffets, one is vegetarian, the beach grill and Patois which I may have spelled wrong.

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    Here now and finishing up our 10 day visit tomorrow.I love food that is done well and I must say I did not get a bad meal all 10 days.Some of the guests in the restaurants lack manners and were loud and obnoxious,over-served at the pool bar perhaps!Kind of puts a damper on the experience but the food was really good. Never had buffet food as good!

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    Pack your bags, pack you appetite, maybe a spare liver, loose your foodie tude and enjoy your vacation. mc

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