We are very close to booking out trip to CN (first timers) in May (19-26)2012 and the only true question left is: How's the food quality? We are self-proclaimed food snobs or foodies but we also understand that this will not be a 3-Michelin star resort. I can easily look past the food quality a bit for someone to bring me a fresh RS on the beach or enjoy the AN side of things. But my wife is hung up on whether or not the quality will be a bit too much like ponderosa, old country buffet, red lobster, etc. We've enjoyed a lot of resorts in the Caribbean and have been overwhelmed and underwhelmed at some places but I've been to Negril before and enjoyed 7 mile beach while on college spring break and assured here the beaches are wonderful and that we both look forward to sharing some time in the sun and relaxing.

Thanks for looking and sharing