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    Default Shuttle to the resorts

    We are considering the Couples Secrets Rendezvous in April. We have never been to a Couples resort and are just wondering about the shuttle service from the airport? I understand there is a Couples lounge at MBJ airport where you wait for the shuttle. Is it the same as the other shuttles that take you to the resorts, where you sit and wait, and wait, and wait until the bus is packed full of people before you can depart? I find this very frustrating after a long flight and all you want to do it get to your destination. Thanks

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    We've been to Couples resorts 4, and soon to be 5, times now. From arrival at the Couples Lounge to departure to any of the resorts has never been more than 30 minutes. And while you're waiting you can have a Red Stripe beer. The shuttle is a great way to meet couples you'll run into during your stay.

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    Once you go thru immigration, get your bags and clear customs you go to the Couples lounge. Your wait for the
    shuttle is just enough time to use the facilities get a beverage and you are on your way. No worries

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    We were at the Couples lounge long enough to check in before we were off to a van that took us to the resort. My wife and I were the only ones on the van and the driver stopped a few times along the way. It was a very nice experience.

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    You won't have long to wait - just enough time for a bathroom break and a Red Stripe- 15 minutes at the most.
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    The longest I've ever waited in more than 20 trips to Couples, has been 15 minutes. It's not a big bus, it's a fleet of privately owned taxis and sometimes, if the crowd is big enough, a minivan. The ride is 90 minutes (plus or minus) and they will occasionally stop halfway for a bathroom break or a quick snack at a small restaurant or jerk shack.

    The ride will be your first taste of Jamaica; keep your eyes open and enjoy the sights.
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    LDD - Welcome to the relaxation of Couples!! NO, it is not the same as all those other trips you've taken on those crowded buses. When you get through customs in Montego bay, the Couples lounge is right outside that door. They will take care of your luggage, and you will have time to go to the washroom in the lounge, and get a cold drink. Within a very few minutes you will be escorted to your shuttle, most likely a van, with a few other couples, and you'll be on your way. Just one of the many great features of a Couples vacation. Just remember to tip the man who takes your luggage out, and also to tip your driver when they drop you off at your resort. After that, the only tipping you need to do is to the staff at the spa if you get any treatments done. Enjoy your holiday!!

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    LDD - the wait is usually less then 20 minutes, enough time for the bathroom, change into shorts (if not already), get a red stripe or two and then you are on the way. The most people I have had on a shuttle, counting the driver and ourselves, is 9, and it would easily have accommodated twice that many. Hope you arrive during the daylight so you can enjoy the sights along the trip. Relax it is good mon!

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    You do not have to sit in the van until it is full. You hang out in the Couples Lounge until everyone arrives that will be in your van (15-30 min max). You all walk out and the porters get your luggage in the van and every piles in and you go. Enjoy.

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