It was decided that we would return to Couples in February 2012 and go to CTI with my sister and her husband. We had been to CN in April 2011 and loved, loved, loved it! Couldn't wait to go back.

Well, we let our travel agent talk us into going to a different island, different resort (won't tell you which one - but it rhymes with candles). I tried to go with an open mind - tried to give it a chance....but it didn't work. The 2nd morning we were there, I sat up in bed and just started crying. My husband asked me what was wrong and I said "we made a mistake. we should have never come here". I'm not upset with my travel agent (he's family) and he really wanted us to experience other islands in the Caribbean - but I made that decision so I can only blame myself.

I kept thinking of what another couple told us at CN in April 2011 - this was like their 10th trip to Couples and they said When you find perfection, why go anywhere else. I should have listened to them and stuck with my gut feeling. Not only did I not enjoy my vacation, I feel bad for dragging my sister and her husband along.

Never again!! And I promise....I will return to Couples.

Cold and Sad in Canada