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    Default Question about Couples Secret Rendezvous

    Have booked the Couples Rendezvous for April 2, wondering if anyone else has gone this way, how it went and where have people been placed, is it uncommon to get Couples Negril. We are very excited about going to Couples. Thanks in advance for any comments.

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    We booked for march 17 and got ti

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    I think almost everyone gets Tower Isle . Unless you go between july and october. I think there s a chance to get SA or Negril at that time of the year.

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    We are booked March 31-April 8. We did it last year also and got CTI...we have also been to CN multiple tiimes on booked trips. Just couldn't justify the cost difference so we did the CSR again this year.

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    While CN is not out of the question you will probably be placed at CTI or CSS. All depends on occupancy the week you go.

    Personally we love CTI! So don't be to disappointed if you do get it instead of CN.....all of the Couples are special & fabulous!!

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