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Thread: US Airways???

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    Default US Airways???

    Anyone flown with this airline into Sangster Internationl? We've never used this airline but they have a great price for our planned October 2012 trip back HOME (CAN'T CONTAIN MY EXCITEMENT) but haven't read too many great things about them. Honestly, for the price, if they can get us, and our luggage, there in one piece it might be worth it, but just wanting some honest reviews if anyone has flown with them...Thanks in advance!

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    We have flown US Air a few times from Chicago thru Charlotte to Montego Bay. Each time has gone well without significant issues (one delay on a return trip from Charlotte to O'Hare, but that was Chicago weather related...). US Air does charge for checked bags, so I usually try to find an American Airlines flight even if it is a little more since checked baggage is included (saves us up to $100 for round trip!). I recommend for flight pricing... Happy travels.

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    We flew with them last year out of New Orleans. We will never fly with them again. We went with them because they were a little cheaper, but it is not worth the hassle. We had problems with our carry on bags, they wanted us to check them and pay the $25.00 per bag even though the bags were smaller than the test box that they placed them in. Our flight this year is with Delta as we have flown to Sangster with them before. The rates are only slightly higher and not enough to worry about.

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    We used them last year and booked with them for april, last year going we had no problems but on the way home missed our connecting flight, not due to the us air but the flight controllers went on strike in mbj. We did a layover in charlotte last year and had to get a room for a night, the hotel van driver said sunday nights are the worst night for screw ups with us air bookings, so this year we are doing tuesday to tuesday.

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    We have used them for both trips,useing them again for third. No issues, fingers crossed for next trip. Found their prices and times to work the best for us. Only complaint, and sure if its airlines or people but if you are sitting in the back they may run out of space for carry one.

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    Yes- We have flown USAirways both into and out of MBJ. In fact it is the only airline we have flown in 6years to MBJ. We have never had a problem- no delays. Typically, we flew from Boston to MBJ non-stop but they stopped that flight. Last year we flew from home-Portland, ME-Charlotte-MBJ and got there on time. Same on the way back. This year we are going BOS-CLT-MBJ so we can get there at 9:50 am. Same way back except into Portland. The planes are as comfortable as planes can be but there is no entertainment. If you fly them and like them you may want to consider getting a USAirways credit card that way when the checkin lines are long (typically on a Saturday) you can check in at first class. That has saved us ALOT of time.

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    Default Old Friend

    My husband and I have used them to fly to MBJ airport for 11 years. No problem, mon!

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    We flew US Airways from Charlotte to MB on our trip to CSA (June 2011), and we didn't run into any issues. It wasn't fancy or anything, but for the price is was a nice flight.

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    We have flown US Air 3 times internationally and it is my favorite for customs when returning through Charlotte. Never experienced any delays and always had smooth flights.

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    We booked our flight through Orbitz last year, and chose US Airways (cheapest.) We had no problems, our luggage arrived in one piece, and on our trip home the only problem we had (and I wouldn't really blame the airline) was the glass in the picture frame we bought had broken (checked bag due to 2 bottles of Appleton and 1 bottle or Couples wine)

    As for the planes, we had no delays, and I think we actually got on the ground in Charlotte on the trip back early (again, not a lot they can do, probably got lucky and caught a tailwind) We're going back in May of next year, and we're planning to fly US Airways again.

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    We used them for our trip in 1/12 flying out of Minneapolis round trip. They were great. On time, friendly staff, all luggage made it safe and sound. We also got a great price.

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    I'd say go with US Air ..... We fly out of Kansas City & with no direct flights to Mobay, we ALWAYS choose US Airways through Charlotte even if we have to pay more .... They're normally cheaper anyway but would still choose them over our other options when flying to the Caribbean. We have done other airlines to Jamaica in the 10 trips we've made there but prefer them ..... The only 2 issues we have ever had with them was 1 cancelled flight when they put us on another airline (first class - WOO HOO) & we arrived in Mobay earlier than we were scheduled & once, they refused to let us bring a large wood carving on board (we had to check it even though it was not packed to check) & it had some minor damage ..... They reimbursed us for entire cost of the carving without a receipt since it was purchased off a vendor on the beach .... just with the pictures. Very Happy with US Air ..... No lost luggage EVER & always right on time.

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    We have flown USAirways on all 7 trips to Jamaica. We have had the occasional delay, but have never missed a connecting flight and our bags have always made it. I fly almost every week for work, and you can find horror stories about just about any airline.

    My one suggestion, though, is that if you have to connect, choose Charlotte over Philadelphia. Charlotte is a much easier to navigate and is not located in the very crowded northeast air corridor where you can get delays just because the air traffic control in New York City decides there is too much traffic for you to take off in Philadelphia.

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    My family and I used that airline May of 2010 round trip, everything was smooth. I would fly to and from mo bay with them again!

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    We've flown US Air many times. Always found them professional with no problems. Never lost our luggage yet!!! Hopefully that will continue as we are flying with them this April.

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    So glad to hear all the positive reviews, yes there is some issues with every airline once in a while but looks like for the most part people are happy with them. We are flying with them in 48 days for our first trip to CTI. It will be our first international trip so hoping it goes nice and smooth. Everyday it gets harder to go to work knowing it is so close because of all the wonderful things I've read about Couples. Needless to say we are super excited to celebrate our 1st and my mom and dads 40th anniversary with then.

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    We just returned to-from Jamaica on US Airlines and it was very smooth. The flights were full both ways and a lot of people had to check their carry-ons but they weren't charged. They board by zones which is kind of confusing since you have a confirmed seat. I guess if you have carry on bags and you're in zone 5 you're out of luck and will end up checking your bag. All and all we'd fly them again to Jamaica via Charlotte.

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    We've used US Airways (and will again). Just make sure you connect through Charlotte and not Philadelphia. Charlotte is a very nice airport, and customs (if you're going back through there) is very smooth. Philly is a nightmare in comparison.

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    Quote Originally Posted by franfromthepoconos View Post
    We've flown US Air many times. Always found them professional with no problems. Never lost our luggage yet!!! Hopefully that will continue as we are flying with them this April.
    We have flown with them 4 times to MBJ. No problem until last Oct. For over 20 years of flying, we have never had and issue with lost luggage, until last Oct. When we got to MBJ our luggage was not there. After inquiring, we were told it was in Charlotte and be on the next plane. I told them I was not going to wait for plane and they said it would be brought to resort. Luckily, we packed our beachwear in our carryon. After being on beach we went to room to get ready for Friday Gala (CSS) and no bags, so we cleaned up and put our travel clothes back on, the one's which we had on since 3AM and traveled all day in, ugh. When we went back to room, our luggage was there, 10PM.

    The following week, when we left, we changed planes in Charlotte again, and when we landed, guess what, no luggage again. We had to go thru the same routine with paperwork and the following afternoon, our luggage arrived at our house.

    That was the only issue with US Air. We would use them again. The bad problem with this was the time involved waiting for all the luggage to be removed from plane and then finding out where to file for the lost luggage.

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    We flew them in October. Everything ran like clockwork. As for getting there in one piece... not so much. We flew out of Milwaukee to Charlotte. As we were waiting to get off the plane in Charlotte, I saw one of our new suitcases being taken off the conveyor... with the bottom wheel assembly broken off! Now think about that... I paid 25 bucks to put it on the plane in Milwaukee, and it never made it onto the plane before one of their goons wrecked it!

    Now I should add that all of the luggage we watched on the carousel at MBJ looked to be in great shape... except ours. Just our lousy luck, I guess.

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    We got bumped to them after Continental cancelled our flight. Had to pay $25 each for our bags and another $25 "select seating" fee to sit together. Traveling through Charlotte was a nightmare. Our flight arrived before three others but they all got their bags first. Then four flight were bottlenecked through a hallway meant for one flight of passengers. We rushed all the way across the airport and only made our flight because it was delayed. We arrive at our destination and find out that while we made it, our luggage didn't, and had to wait another two hours for it to arrive. Not a huge fan but not as terrible as Continental ....
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    We have been flying with them for a number of years. We leave early from Boston, around 5:00 a.m., arrive in Charlotte around 7:00. We leave Charlotte around 8:00 and we are usually at Montego Bay by 10:00. Never had any problems with U/S. Air.

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    Just got back Sunday night from Couples Negril, our 4th trip in 4 years, and all of them have been on US Air through Charlotte. Last year was the only year we had a hiccup in the schedule, but that was caused by weather and there is nothing any air line can do about that. Our flight had been cancelled, but we were put on the very next one, which meant we got home 2 hours later then we should have. Someone on here said avoid Philadelphia and I agree with that on coming back into the country, unless of course, that is your final destination. Will be using them again in October. They do charge for bags, so pack lightly, but the 3 hour flight from Charlotte to Montego Bay goes pretty quickly.

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    From my understanding they are a part of United Airlines. We will be flying with them when we go to CSA in December. I applied for their credit card at the time I made the reservations so I could get our bag fees waved.
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    My husband uses them almost exclusively for business travel and hasn't complained, infact he insisted we use them for this trip b/c of frequent flyer miles.

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