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    What kind of coffee is in your room at CSA for the little coffee pot? Sometimes i like a cup before bed? Is it any good?

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    They have blue mountain coffee in little packets in the rooms

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    They have the blue mountain coffee in the rooms like Richli2 said, and it is good, but beware when opening the packet that you don't rip the bag the coffee is in. I did that and was so upset because the 2 packs they give you is just enough to get me started in the mornings to get to the Cassava Terrace for breakfast. Love sitting on the patio watching the resort come alive, or is that me coming alive taking a census of body parts?

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    Why bother with little packets of coffee when they will deliver fresh coffee to your room in the morning along with your choice of fruit and or pastries? Just fill out your breakfast request card for what you want and when to deliver it,hang it on your room door before going to sleep, and there it is being hand delivered to get you started. They will even place the tray out on your balcony so you can kick back and start your day at your own pace. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I love Couples.

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    Think it's high mountain or blue mountain blend, still very nice though.

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    It should be Blue Mountain coffee, Jamaica's own, and very good. I'll be bringing at least ten pounds of the Blue Mountain coffee beans home with me in June. Last time only brought five pounds and it didn't last long enough!

    Coffee 'fact': Did you know that Jamaica exports upwards of 80%, or more, of their annual coffee crop to Japan?


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    Sweet! Thanks guys. Especially smroot for the opening advice. I do plan on having it delivered in the morning but want some before bed too. I can drink coffee all day infact. Can't wait to be in Paradise!

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    I think it is Blue Mountain and we didn't drink it there but brought it home. 12 packs and it was fabulous. Hubby liked it better than the pound we bought at the airport. We have 7 pounds of the couples JBM and we are hoping it is the same as the room coffee. Yummy. Hope it lasts until we go again in September.
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    It's High Mountain coffee, not Blue Mountain. A step below, but still good.
    To be Blue Mountain coffee, it has to be grown at specific elevations, I believe.

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    The only Blue Mountain coffee will be in the coffee press you can get at dinner. The coffee in the room filter packs, and the coffee served at breakfast, lunch, and dinner (other than in the French Press serving) is High Mountain, not offical "Blue Mountain" coffee. Blue Mountain coffee is grown above 3000' altitude, and I think only the Blue Mountains reach that height in Jamaica. High Mountain coffee is also excellent and is also harvested in the Blue Mountains... but below 3000' altitude. High Mountain is very good, but a lot less expensive than Blue Mountain coffee which remains is high demand around the world. For most of us it would be hard to distinguish between the two types side by side, coffee experts can tell I guess though. This is why is just makes more sense for resorts in Jamaica to mainly serve High Mountain.
    All the best! Be sure to order some actual Blue Mountain coffee in one of the restaurants at dinner!

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