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    Default CSS Stairs?

    My husband had major orthopedic surgery (free vascularized fibular grafting) on his hip in November (at 33) and will just be allowed to walk without aid in early May when we plan to take a trip. We went to CN in 2006 and had planned to return there since we were familiar and knew it was small. We would like to save as much as possible and have been waiting for the Wednesday deals. Today is the first in several weeks, however it's only for CSS (for a beachfront 1 bedroom suite) and CTI.

    So my question is, just how bad are the stairs at CSS? If we were in a beachfront suite, would we need to climb them daily? Are all of the restaurants at the top? This will save us $600 from the Deluxe Ocean at CN, but I'm not sure it's worth it if my husband will be unable to maneuver the grounds.

    Also, does anyone have any insight/experience with the Wednesday deals? If we were to wait a week, what is the likelihood that CN would be featured or that the dates will still include travel in May?

    TIA! We desperately want to come home but with 2 kids and medical bills following surgery, we have to find the best deals.

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    You won't have too many stairs if you're in the beachfront...I think the only restaurant that you'll have to do stairs for is the fancier Casanova and that's Dinner only. All the other restaurants are on the "main level" meaning the same level as your room. Also, if you're into the Au Natural stuff, it's the closest rooms to that area as well.

    Just an FYI, I think that people make too big a deal out of the stairs...obviously with hip surgery that's a major concern but CSS will shuttle you up and down the hills too so you can avoid climbing.

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    Hi! My husband and I have been to CTI two times and to CSS once. My husband has bad knees. Our room was up above so we needed to walk many, many stairs to get to and from anything. Having a room on the beach you will have it a little easier. However, the Balloon Bar (which is great!), two Restaurants, the lobby and gift shop are all up above. From our experience, our ONLY complaint about CSS was the amount of stairs we climbed daily to get around. My husband's knees did not like the stairs, at all!
    I would stick with CTI if I were you.
    The latest deal is FANTASTIC! Hope you checked it out

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    Default No worries...

    We stay in a beachfront suite @ and love it. The Gala, Beach Party, Pallazina Restaurant and Bella Vista Restaurant are all "beach level". They also have room service. Casanova Restaurant, Balloon Bar and evening entertainment are up the several flights of stairs. All you need to do is call the bellman and they come in a van and pick you up to take you where you want to be. Whenever you are ready, they will take you back to the beachfront suites!

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    Hi Jaimiem,

    The stairs would probably pose a challenge. We have, however, seen others on the message board talk of having called the front desk to have transportation when needing to commute to the upper part of the resort.

    Actually, if you were to get a beachfront suite most everything you'd need would be right there (Palazzina and Bella Vista restaurants, the Beach Grill, beach, pool, Starlight Gala, beach party and manager's cocktail gathering). The things in the upper area include the Balloon Bar, Casanova restaurant, game/internet room and lobby as well as the Jewel Box and gift shop.

    Another option might be to stay at CTI. They have an elevator to get from the lobby to upper level floors, are a smaller resort, might be easier to get around and are generally less expensive.

    We've never tried a Wednesday special so have no insight.

    Best wishes on your husband's recovery and your travel decision,

    Bart & Bug

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    We were there in September and my husband created a video of the stair climb for our friends. You will not have to climb thee stairs if you reserve a Beachfront Suite unless you want to go to the lobby, gift shop, Balloon Bar, or the Italian restaurant. .I would suggest letting the staff know of your husband's walking difficulties and they would provide assistance in getting to any of the mentioned locations.

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    I would recommend staying with CN or CSA to avoid all the stairs. I have been to CSS three times and you can't avoid the stairs without giving up half of the resort. The Casanova Restaurant, Balloon Bar, mineral pool, internet/game room, lobby, many evenings of entertainment outside and inside the Balloon Bar, and the shops are all up built into the hillside. You would have the beach, beach grill, pool with swim up bar, and buffet restaurant only on your level. I can't see paying all that money for half a resort.

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    My husband has COPD and we love CSS. The stairs were difficult the last couple of years, so we just called for a ride. This last year he was actually on oxygen part time. They even picked him up and drove him over to SSB because he was having some problems breathing. They are very accomodating to your needs.

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    We were at CSS last July. I didn't realize that the staff would give you a ride to the top of the resort but one day as a van went by, us I jokingly stuck out my thumb like I was hitchhiking. The driver happily stopped and gave us a ride to the top. I think they are very good about helping those that have problems climbing stairs.

    kathymjollie...I loved your video. It was just like being there! I always told myself that the climb to the top was to work off the dessert I ate the night before...and the view once you get there is SO worth it! Thanks for sharing!

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    Thanks all! We decided to wait it out for another deal or just suck it up and book CN. We really don't know how he'll be in May so we don't want to risk it. We also don't really want to go to CTI so ... on to next Wednesday!

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    Jaimiem, May will be our 4th trip to CSS, previously at CN also. We always stay in the Beachfront 1 bedroom (jacuzzi) suites. Believe me when a ride is needed up to the cliffs the staff is very responsive. I have weak ankles. Last year DH feel in the pool and the calvary was there in what I thought was a heartbeat. I do walk the stairs to get to the spa, but there is also an elevator in the area to help you out there. Unless you want to really explore the wonderful secret places on the cliff, you don't have to do stairs.

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    At CSS there is an elevator located in a stone tower that we went in during the resort tour. I can't remember if you can avoid all of the steps by using it, but you could avoid most of them. I think that many people don't even realize the elevator exists, we only knew because our tour guide (the awesome Kaydan) took us on it.

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    I had to use my inhaler after watching that video. Looks fantastic, but we go to Couples Negril because of the steps. I get winded going up 1 flight there, or walking the soft sand on the beach.

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    We have been to CTI many many times and CSS only once. By choice we would not return to CSS because of the many many stairs which are unavoidable even if you call for a shuttle. There are some steps at CTI that you can't avoid. But we think that seven or eight compared to the 100+ to get from the lobby to the lower level is no comparison.
    Good luck on your choice.

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