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    Default First Timer to CTI Have Questions:)

    Hello to all! I have enjoyed reading all of the posts. My husband and I will be going to CTI the end of April for our first all inclusive vacation. We were going to go on a cruise, but then decided Couples may just be for us

    I have a couple of questions:

    Is the pool water pretty cold? (I have read in other posts that it is frigid)

    Is it hard to get reservations for the activities and dinner due to the amount of people at the resort trying to reserve these as well?

    I've seen mixed reviews of the beach and am wondering if we should have booked for Negril.....

    My husband is really excited to take the scuba course but then I have read MANY posts that the weather and availability really minimizes the chances of being able to do this...which has really bummed him out.

    I am SO EXCITED to go to CTI and it sounds like a wonderful place with many couples returning year after year My countdown is on....My husband tells me I'm going to ruin the moment when we arrive because I will already have seen it all via computer (I keep looking at pictures and reading this site) LOL.....

    Thanks in advance to all that answer

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    When we were there in September, the pool water was not too cold. It was refreshing, but we could easily get in, even in the evening after the sun went down.

    I can't speak to April, but we had no problem getting reservations for the dinners and activities we wanted to do.

    We thought the beach at CTI was lovely. There were always plenty of chairs. It is not sprawling, but it is of adequate size for leisure.

    We did not SCUBA dive, so sorry no answer on that.

    You will be vacationing in paradise, how bad can it be? Enjoy your trip!

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    First of all the photos do not do the resort justice. There is something about stepping of the shuttle into the open air lobby and being welcomed with a cool towel while you take in the view that just can't be replicated through a photo.

    Going in April, the pool water should be okay. The pools are not heated except by the sun. As for the beach, if you wanted long beach walks, then you should have booked one of the Negril resorts. HOWEVER, this is a private beach. There are no vendors or guests from other resorts "passing through". The only boats in front are the ones from CTI. There are not jet skis constantly buzzing through.

    As for reservations, we book the restaurants we know we want and then play it by ear. You can't go wrong. The cat cruise, you will want to book right away as well as SCUBA.


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    We were at CTI last March & loved every minute. The main pool was refreshing, not too cold. The swimup bar pool seemed a little warmer & the spa pool is fantastic. We didn't have any rough water that hampered the water sports. It is all up to Mother nature though...There was no trouble getting dive time or snorkling. The food at CTI was unbelievable. We have also been to CSA & CN. Yes the beach there is great, but you do get approached a lot so we really loved the private beach. You truly can't go wrong with either choice. The only thing I missed is lazily floating in the caribbean in Negril, the water is a little too rough for that at CTI.

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    Thanks for the responses I cannot wait!!!!!!

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    CTI was great. The beach is not for walking, and you need water shoes to walk out in the ocean, but those are the only true drawbacks. There is an AN island, have to do it at least once. Everything very close. We are going to CSA in August, because we wanted a beach, but when we left CTI we didn't want to leave. You'll have a great time!

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    Yeeessss I have "read" about the "island"...LOL I just don't think I will have the nerve to do it

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    Never needed water shoes for any of the 4 resorts. Only Dunns River Falls.

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    We were at CTI last April and spent a lot of time in the swim up bar pool there. I can't recall ever thinking it was cold at all. There was a storm one morning and that seems about average, since we have spent one week there for the last three years in either April or the first week of May. We haven't done scuba yet, but I think I've seen scuba lessons going on every day I was there.Name:  IMG_6261.jpg
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    We are first timers too... I think you gotta set the nerves aside and give the island a try... see you out there!


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    We just came back. First time to Jamaica & Tower Isle. We really loved every moment!

    Except LEAVING!

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    congrats on booking couples cti! you made the right choice!!!!!!!

    the pool water is not too cold compared to the outside temp it will feel a little cool and refreshing.

    we have never had any problems with re you ...just make sure you sign up for dinner ect the morning after you arrive...and for dunns river ect just make sure you are in the lobby in plenty of time.

    the beach is beautiful! not as large as the beaches in negril seeing as the beach is private to the resort. we like the beach much better at cti did not enjoy all the passer by people in negril and love the private feel of ocho rios

    never done the scuba at cti but hear the scuba team here is one of the best...have spoken to a few of the instructors on the resort and they seam awesome

    take a peek at my cti album in my can look at all the pics in the world and you still will be amazed once you arrive!!!!!!

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    Freesia2water. You've made the right choice...... see ya on the Island.. Enjoy!! ;-)

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    Default CTI Newbie

    We are here right now, arrived last friday. I read this message board for months, saw pictures and youtube videos. Book your restaurants when you get here. I didn't get my first choice, but my second choices of evenings will work. Doing the private dinner on the island tonight to celebrate our 25th. I've done one dive so fa, plan to go as much as i can. I recommend doing your book work before you get here, pool work too, if you can. I've seen a couple of people turned away, cuz we were headed out to dive. Perhaps they worked with them later. Unless you're coming for a couple of weeks, do what you can at home. Ill be here til saturday and more than happy to answer questions.

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    We were at CTI last week. The pool was fine. The beach was beautiful. We had no problems with any reservations at all.

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    freeia2water...So what are you dates end of April??

    As far as you questions go:

    Pool water is not cold, but under the hot JA sun, it might feel a bit chilly

    If there is an activity or restuarant you really want just make sure you signed up early, don't wait until the last minute but we have found you usually can get what you want this time of year.

    The Beach is quiet compared to the mainland swimup pool/bar but still a nice beach. No beach out on the "Island" just swimup bar. If you even think you might want to try the "Island" do it early in you trip, you will not regret it

    I am a not scuba guy but I heard it is excellent for people who are into that activity.

    I did exactly what you are doing my 1st trip and there where still plenty of surprises and more to see than what is on this MB

    Hope to see you end of April.

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    I'm so thrilled with all of the responses

    We will be there 4/28/2012 through 5/6/2012.....I feel alot better now after reading all of the wonderful posts to my questions! Still not too sure about visitng the "island" LOL..but it's good to know I haven't ruined the surprise of the trip by looking at all the pictures.....I did take a look at the pictures in the previous post..... I am just so excited to hop on a plane and get away from it all It's been a tough year!

    Thanks again for all the responses!!! It is SOOO appreciated!

    Also, to the person who posted on this thread that is currently at CTI........I was just tickled to read that post.......Have a GREAT time!

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    So, all of my end of April people - who's going to be there? We will be CTI first-timers on our honeymoon from 04/23 - 04/30.

    Honeymooning at CTI - April 2012

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    freesia2water...check out the post(apr28 - may4) in the "Meetup" section...we have a few others, some repeaters, some newbies that will be vacationing around the same time as you.

    Should be a great time.

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