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    Default Charlotte & Carl CN 10/11/12!!!

    This will be our first time to Jamaica & the Couples resort but just by reading the reviews I'm sure it won't be the last! : )

    I can't wait til OCT gets here!!! 224 days til we get married on the priceless beach of Negril! Yeah Mon!!

    Who else will be there OCT 8-13 with us?

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    We are getting married 10-11-12 as well. We will be at couples negril!

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    Wow Jcox2873! That's awesome! We both will be at CN for our wedding on 10-11-12! I just love the date don't you! What time will you be getting married? We booked the sunset ceremony at first then changed our minds because I read a lot of reviews that said it gets dark so quickly & your pictures after the ceremony (reception) come out dark so we chose the 4pm time.

    What day will you be arriving there? We should hook up & have a "before we get hitched drink"!
    We will be there Monday, OCT 8th!

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    We have the 2pm slot. I am so nervous we are going to get rained on! How old are you guys we are 27/28. It seems that there is a pretty mixed crowd here. We are super excited and so super nervous at the same time because its our first couples trip and we are getting married!! Lots of new and exciting things to look forward to. We will be there the 8-15th

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    Awesome1 We will be arriving there on the 8th as well! We def. have to hook up & have a drink & chit chat about our big day!! Don't be nervous about the rain, I've read how it rains out of nowhere on this board too, but I feel fine now because I got a call from one of our video guy that lives there & he said Negril is the nicest beach out of all the resorts & in Oct it doesn't rain hardly any so I was happy about that!!!

    We are 40 & 45, he's a little older than me but I like it that way! Yeah, I think the crowds are mostly mid-aged people not too many younger couples (early 20's) that come there..well that's what I gather from reading the board comments.

    So you guys have the 2p.m slot! Good, I'm sure me & my groom to be will be around to see you guys getting married, but I promise we wont get too close...I don't want to ruin anyone's special day!

    I'm so excited! Fun good times are in store for us! I can't wait!!! 203 day to go til 10-11-12!!! Yaaaaaaay us!!!

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    We are down to exactly 4 months!!!

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    Yaaaaay less than 4 months to go now! Don't forget to mail in all the required documentation for your wedding! You have to have it mail 45 days before the wedding date but I don't like to wait until the last minute to do anything!

    In a couple of weeks, we will be counting the double digits! Hope things are going smoothly with your planning! Come on 10-11-12!!!! (so excited). : )

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    Its getting closer!!! We are down to single digits in weeks now!!! I like to count those I like the smaller number . I hope your planning is going well!
    CN- 10/8/12 to 10/15/12
    We are getting married 10/11/12 @ 2pm!

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