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    Default Going. To cn from swept away

    Staying at swept awayfor 1st time should we try day pass to CN if we get brave we may try au natural beach or are there places along 7mile beach that are secluded will be there march12-16 can't wait thanks

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    I would most definitely say Yes to do the day pass. That way you can know for next time if you want to go back to CSA or CN. We flip-flop because we love them both so much.

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    We did the Trading Places between CSA and CN on our first stay at CSA and loved it enough that we went back the next time and stayed at CN. You don't know whether you'll like it till you try it, so while you're there...why not?

    Bart & Bug

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    Just be sure to sign up for the Romance Rewards before going on your trip. If I have read it right, that is the only way you can do the trading places for free. You definitely want to do it though!!!!

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    Does anyone know how to go about getting a day pass? Also how to get from CN to CSS

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    The day passes are expensive. Sign up for romance rewards at the bottom of the home page and then you can do the Trading places perk to the sister resort in the same town for FREE. It's a no-brainer. Gpcouple,you couldn't do the trading places from cnegril to CSS.

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    Hello GPCouple,
    If you sign up for Romance Rewards, you can go to the other resort on the same side of the island as the resort you booked. So, if you are staying at CN you can do a Trading Places day at CSA. If you are currently staying at CN and want to also stay at CSS, you will need to book a stay at CSS and Couples will arrange your transport from CN to CSS at no cost to you.

    Hope this helps!

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    thanks for the replies how far apart are cn and swept away only 9 more days to arrive

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    Not far. We walk from CN to CSA. It takes a few hours but we take our time and stop a lot along the way to swim and visit with some of the vendors.

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