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    Default Air travel separate or included?

    Do most of you book your air travel separately or include it in your Couples reservation? (excluding those who use frequent flyer rewards to book separately) Last year we booked our travel ourselves because we had rewards available but don't this year.

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    We usually use points but for our 2nd trip to CN in September we are flying Westjet. Got a really good deal we couldn't pass it up. We also book our room with our TA and she gives us a bit of a discount so cheaper than bookings directly with Couples.
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    We book separate because we book the resort so early airfare isn't out yet.

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    we always book air separately of CSA mostly because we book so early and flights aren't available yet.

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    Depends on a few things. No airline rewards available for us either, we don't travel all that much. We have booked packages before that offered good pricing and departure/return times for us, which usually involved a charter flight of some sort that was non stop to MoBay. These charters have become fewer and less impressive in times and dates that were available. Usually only one flight a day, sometimes only one or two days a week. So the last few years we have gone with searching the airlines online and choosing the best price/time/day offering that fit our needs. We book our room through the Couples web site and book our flight directly with the airlines. This has caused the necessity on a couple of trips to adjust our room reservation by a day or two to coordinate with the flight schedules as we booked the room several months before we booked the flights. No problem though.

    I guess the bottom line is to do what works for you and with what ever makes you feel comfortable as far as going it on your own or with a package/travel agent.

    Either way, have a great trip!

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    We always book ours as a package deal through Cheap Caribbean or Orbitz, including airfare.

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    Quote Originally Posted by redinthehead View Post
    We book separate because we book the resort so early airfare isn't out yet.
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    We did separate, booked the resort then started to watch for deals, probably did not get the best deal.

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    I always book combined thru Air Canada Vacations

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    Quote Originally Posted by Janicek View Post
    Me to. I have Couples booked way before I can book my air.

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