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    Default Candles/Oils or Sparking Wine??

    My husband and I can't agree on what to choose for our romance reward gift. What are the candles/oil like?

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    How close to departure did you do the pre check in? I've been trying (we're 10 days away) and it doesn't seem to work. sorry for not answering the question!

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    I did our pre checkin last night & we arrive Mar 24. LOVE that you can also preselect mini bar items!!

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    Small candle, maybey 1.5" wide by 3" in height and it sits in a carved coconut shell stand with a base. The oil is a massage oil and there is also a pack of bath salts. Things can vary though. You can always get the wine in your room fridge if you request it.

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    Don't get the sparkling wine. You can get that in your mini-bar anyway. We thought we wanted that and ended up getting t-shirts again, which were different than the ones we got the year before.

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    So the romance rewards options are sparkling wine, candle, oils, or t shirts?

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    Thanks, We are going with the candles/oils...I added the sparkiling wine to the mini bar selection.
    TCBerry- These are just a portion of the rewards offered. You can view the complete list in the romance rewards section (link at bottom of homepage)
    23 days to CSS!!!! Hooray!

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    Midnight Cocktails!
    I'm sooo glad you went with with candle and oil! We selected that RR perk in December and it was just lovely! Previous posters gave you great advice---you can get sparkling wine anytime!

    One Love!

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    You used to get a rum cake with the sparkling wine, but I think they cut that out.

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    Where is the list of items that you can purchase for the room, like flowers, chocolates etc.
    I know it's at the concierge desk at CSA, but can you view it on-line?

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    I am returning to CSA from the uk for the third time. What are romamce rewards? Thanks Pat

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