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    No, you are not charged for beer on the beach. That was a fat one from TA.

    Beach towels will be in your room when you arrive. They are usually exchanged at the water sports hut for clean ones either in the afternoon or mornings, which ever works out for you.

    If you do not turn in your towel on your last day you will be charged a replacement fee when you check out. I don't know the amount. If you turn it in at the water sports hut they will give you a receipt to present at check out. If you forget to turn it in before they close on your last afternoon then take the beach towels with you to turn in when you check out. At least that was the routine in the past. Maybe someone has more recent policy information.

    Don't worry, they are not going to nickel and dime you for "extra" stuff.

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    I just read that and am wondering about it too

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    The question should have said pay extra for Red Stripe beer in the room fridg. There have been several comments/complaints on TA that the only beer you can have in your room fridg is called Caribe (said to be a cheap not-so good beer by some). I think they said it was called Caribe, but I could be wrong. People are complaining that for the price they pay for a Couples vacation this is not acceptable as most 3 and 4 star Negril resorts supply Red Stripe in the room (I know Riu Tropical Bay does because I've been there twice). The post GPCouple is referring to says the guest was told by Couples he could not have Red Stripe in his room fridg unless he paid extra for it - he did not say what the $ charge was. I'll be at Couples Negril next month (3rd Couples trip) and I hope to have Red Stripe in my room. Nothing better than having a cold Red Stripe on the balcony before diner!

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    B.S. story once again!

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    This receipt thing for beach towels is this 1st time I've heard of that and we've been to CSA 4 times and no one ever told us of this. Just to trade them into the sports hut for clean ones when needed. and as said have never been charged for towels upon checkout. As far as the Red stripe, on the resort all beer/alcohol is already paid for in your room charge, outside resort grounds you would have to pay extra only!

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    Caribe has been in the mini bars for a few years. Real Rock was better, but not Red Stripe.

    it's all about the kids

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    Personally I really enjoy the Carib that is stocked in the room and am looking forward to it the near future 22 days...YAY!!!!

    I think all the resorts have a slightly different policy on how they deal with towels...but be assured there is NO charge for towels!

    Kiki and Tom
    CTI 2009, CN 2011, CTI 2012

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    I like the Caribe, but not as much as Red Stripe. When I put out my replenish order I ask for Red Stripe and have been accommodated, but only after I have arrived and hung the order form on the doorknob for the nightly pick up. This was at Couples Negril.

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    I can't find this persons review on TA anymore, but I think he said he had to pay for it if he ordered for his mini bar not from the bars on the resort. I would just get a couple from the bar and take them to my room. If possible. If not no big deal.

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    We are heading home to CN in few weeks. The Caribe beer is the WORST beer I have tried, and I have had tons of different brands. Here's what I have found: Your first day there you will more than likely have a Caribe or two in your fridge. Take them out and leave them out. On your bar refill card, next to the beer choice add RED STRIPE-PLEASE. We have had no more Caribes after that.

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    Maybe he had one too many, wondered off resort with towel in hand to a non-Couple beach bar where he was charged for a Red Stripe. Then he gets up and leaves his towel behind (thus the charge) but because he was so drunk he swears he never left the resort. Lol. Just a guess

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    Blondie. The towel card, at Swept Away, has been in effect for at least 5 yrs. But, as stated, sometimes they request it at check out, and sometimes they don't. It's mentioned in the "welcome to Couples Swept Away" info. sheet they give you at ckeck in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GPCouple View Post
    Just read a review on TA that stated that you have to pay extra for Red Stripe and you are charged $15 if you leave a towel on the beach. This is the first I have seen of any "extra" payments beyond dinner on the beach and the spa.

    .....That is just silly. Although you ARE responsible for your towels at the end of your stay.

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    We had the same problem a couple of years ago. The guy that took care of the mini bar asid there was a charge for the Red Stripe in the mini-bar. We put this on the comment card and I had a call from Couples in a few days. There is NO CHARGE FOR RED STRIPE! If they try to charge you get the persons name and get to the front desk and report it. The beverage Mgr. should take care of the Red Stripe and the person trying to collect for something that is included. I had no problem last year at CN.

    Phinns Up or should I say Bottoms UP

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    When we were at CN in September, we did have to pay for Red Stripe in our room....$25 for a six-pack. As a first time visitor, I was a little surprised at this and wish it was not the case....but not turned off enough to let it affect my decision to return! September 2012 here we come!! Maybe by then, Couples will have changed this policy

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    I am guessing the reason you don't get red stripe in your room is because it is in glass bottles and not cans. Glass bottles and tile floors do not mix well. I steppd on a broken bottle of red stripe on the walkway along the beach last year with no shoes on. Not a fun experience.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vickyj View Post
    At CTI, the towels are on your bed when you arrive. There is not a "check out/in" with them. This may be different at the other resorts.
    Thanks Vickyj. We just returned last night from CTI and I didn't know anything about getting a "turn in" receipt. I was about to go check my credit card balance to see if we were charged.

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