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    Default 2013 Red, White and Blue Reunion

    We know the 2012 reunion hasn't happened yet but we just booked for June 28th to July 6th 2013. We had a blast last year when the captain started this and we are looking forward to a repeat in 2013. We can't wait to see all the new friends we made last year and hope to meet a lot of new ones in 2013! It is nothing formal but we all meet at the main pool on the fourth, wearing our red white and blue. We even had a crazy couple from England that joined us in 2011. Can't pass up the one free night in the early bookings.
    Hope to see you there!

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    We'll be there in 2013.....looks like we are going to book July 2 to July 9....

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    Hey Captain, we just booked for June 29th-July 6th 2013 We are like Bruce&Brenda, can't pass up on the free night. Can't wait to be part of it and see all the friends we made in 2011. Won't make it for the 2012, be leaving before the 4th. We will see you there in 2012, be there June25th-June30th.

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    Hi caribbeanlovers..

    We'll be there June 27-July 7....2012....see you at the pool bar!

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    I thought I would move this back up to the top so everyone going over July 4th 2013 can start writing in to see who will be there. We'll start a picture thread when the time gets closer. We will be there June 28th to July 6th.
    Can't wait to see Caribbeanlovers, The Captain & Cheryl Ann and Jimnmariann. Merry Christmas to everyone at Couples and the friends we have made at Couples.

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    Can't wait until we all get together again. Only 199 more days. Merry Christmas to all of you and the staff at CN. See you soon.

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    Randy and Rene Louisiana we will be there June 30th thru July 14th.

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    Hello Randy and Rene...our dates almost mirror each other..we are there June 30 thru July 11.

    This will be our 3rd Red..White..Blue celebration at CN..we look forward to meeting you.

    We are easy to spot...look for the monkey in the umbrella poolside outside the Heliconia....we are the humans in the chairs below.

    John (The Captain) and Cheryl Ann

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