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    Default Vow Renewal at Couples Swept Away

    We just booked CSA from dec 29th, 2012 thru Jan 5th, 2013. We are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary this year. We would like to renew our vows on the beach as part of our celebration. Can anyone having done this share their experiences and recommendations? Also, as of now we are booked in a garden verandah suite but would really like some advice on rooms as well. This is our 4th trip to Jamaica but our first to a couples resort. We are fortunate to be having one couple joining us as of now to share this with us.


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    Not sure about the renewal stuff, but when you get to the resort request a Garden Verandah Suite in the newer section. See if you can get as close to the middle of the resort as possible. Also, see if you can get a corner room. You area going to love CSA. Enjoy.

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    We got married at CSA back in Oct '09. It was absolutely amazing! I would suggest doin an early morning or late afternoon ceremony. Mine was at 4pm and it was still pretty warm and I felt like my makeup (which I normaly dont wear there) was sliding off my face! Not exactly what you want to happen for pics! lol My parents were the only other guest we had attend so it wasnt a huge ceremony, but very pleasant and personal, which is what we wanted. When we did arrive we set up appointments right away at the desk for the Wedding Planner. There you will go over your final details. If you plan on using salon services for your wedding (Vow Renewal) day you will want to set those appointments up too, and carry cash as this is an additional cost. If I remember correctly the travel agent had us pick from the "wedding packages" that Couples offered (basic to splurge) depending on your needs. This included t-shirts, cake, bouquet, a photographer...which might be an additional costs too. They may offer other packages now like for Anniversaries or Vow Renewal. Id definitely check into it. It was 3 yrs ago and we actually got married so it might be slightly different for you.

    Now, as far as the rooms go we have only stayed in the BF Suites( this Oct will be our 3rd time) and they are AMAZING! Your just steps from the beach and the view is breathtaking! We always leave the windows open at night (they have screens) so we can fall asleep and wake up to the waves. Best nights sleep ever!! These rooms do not have a tv but we dont seem to mind at all! We do take our computer and skype our kids every night. Also these rooms are located in the middle of the resort so you have equal distance from both ends which is where the restraunts are located and the late night entertainment, so we havent had any noise issues.

    Hope I was able to help you! Congrats on 25 years and Enjoy CSA!!

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    We have stayed in both the Ocean Verandah suites and Atrium suites, both are great. Differences being mostly one has TV one does not. Shutters and hamock in Atriums, not so in Ocean Vernandah.

    We had a vow renewal for our 25th anniversary in 2005. It was very cool. We kept it simple and pretty casual. We had some freinds that we had met on the message board to attend (it was our first visit to CSA and was our much delayed honeymoon). We were bare foot and we saved our cake for a "reception" at dinner that night where we simply invited everyone around us to have some cake and celebrate our anniversary with us. It was the best thing we could have done for our 25th! We had the resort photographer take photos for us (you don't have to) and we purchased a package of photos with an album. It is more looked at than our original wedding album ever was. Vow renewal is very much worth the cost. Photographer, while nice, is a bit expensive. Invite some folks (you will meet new friends right away at CSA) to your ceremony and ask them to take pictures for you, they will be more than to happy to attend and help you out.

    We are headed back to CSA this June for our anniversary once again (our sixth trip) and we can't wait to get back again.

    Have a great trip!

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    If you want to hear the night sounds of Jamaica like the waves and the peeping tree frogs then you do want either an Atrium Suite or Beachfront Suite as there is no glass in the windows...just screens and wooden louvers you can open during the day for fresh air and close at night for privacy. Our favorite is the BFS and you are literally steps from the beach. We like the second floor as there is more privacy when resting on the balcony and a better chance to see the beautiful sunsets. The Atrium Suites are mostly the second row of buildings away from the beach with no water view while the Beachfront Suites are right on the beach. Noise can be more noticeable at either end of the resort with nightly entertainment and breakfast at the Palms on one end and the nightclub at the other near Feathers and Patois Restaurants (Great House Verandah Suites). People have complained about the noise from the road if you stay in the Garden Verandah Suites. No TV in the AS or BFA but mostly the room is for sleeping know. During the day we are usually not there anyway. Not sure about your budget but if you can swing it get a BFS and you will be in heaven. It's Jamaica Mon.

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