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    This will be our first time to jamaca and my wife will not even consider the au naturel beach. We live in the country and have great seclusion so we often lay in the sun nude which she enjoys immensely. The thought of being nude around others will not let her even think of doing this. My question is can you have somewhat complete seclusion from everyone else or at least be far enough from others so that direct visual contact cannot be made. I think that after a short time ( and a few drinks) her fear will subside and everything would be fine but convincing her to at least try is the problem. No matter what I say or do this subject is closed to her. Suggestions please!!!!!

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    You haven't said which resort. If you were at CTI, out on the island, there is a small chance of being alone if you are on the right side of the island. However, if you want a drink or to use the restroom, you will, more than likely, come into eye shot of other guests.
    If you are at CSS and you get there early enough in the morning, you can put your loungers far enough away from almost all of the other guests. But again, food and restroom will put you front and center of everyone else.
    At CN pretty much anywhere you are there will be other guests. And not only fellow sunbathers, but the AN beach is right next to the textile beach. At CSA, there is no nudity at all.
    So the answer is, pretty much where ever you are there will be others as well.
    But believe me, no one really notices other guests. Everyone is naked and therefore no one really cares about anyone else.
    It's to bad really, that your wife won't even try it. If it doesn't work out, she can put her clothes back on and leave. No one will say anything to her.
    But while you two are there, it is one of the most empowering actions two people can take. Especially man and wife. And after you try it, you'll wonder what the big deal was all about.

    Good luck.

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    Not really a suggestion but it will be our frst time also in less than a week and we are a little nervous... however, we have decided what the heck! You are not likely to see anyone you know and are VERY likley to make some new friends.

    I say just go for it (at least that what my wife says!)

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    Which resort? On TI you can head right and grab the chairs to the farthest right and face them away from your neighbor, towards the water. No one could see you then.

    At SSB, you can go to the farthest right and grab the chairs closest to the water. Face them to the water, and someone would have to try hard to see you. It's pretty spread out anyway. Only chance is if someone is floating or swimming in the water, but they would still be pretty far away.

    Have no idea what to do about CN.

    To not be seen at all could be inconvenient as you may want to get a drink, go to the restroom, get some food, go in the tower, go swimming, etc. I gotta say, the feeling of swimming nude completely is with the minor, brief embarrassment of being seen nude. Also, you would not be able to always lie in the direction of the sun.

    Hopefully this is convincing enough and you guys have a great time.

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    Dick and Ann,
    My wife was very unsure about giving the AN a try when we went to CTI. As others have commented, you didn't mention which resort, so I'll discuss CTI. When we went (November) the resort was rather uncrowded, which meant when we first gave the Isle a try there was almost no one there.

    Don't try to "convince" her to go, instead, make the suggestion that you two give it a try on your first full day on the resort, first thing. If you're at CTI, have breakfast whenever you get up, then head for the dock and the shuttle boat to the Isle. Head right on the Isle, as this is the "quiet" side. While you will pretty much always be in view of someone on the Isle, there is sufficient vegetation between the area for the loungers and the mainland so that you will only be seen by others on the Isle, or the people on the Hobie Cats. Let her know that if she doesn't like / is uncomfortable, you can pack up and head back to the resort and not worry about it the rest of the trip. One other suggestion would be that your wife wear a swimsuit that is easy to get in and out of. I think some of peoples nerves about going to the Isle is the getting undressed part. My wife wore a nice bikini, that she could just untie the top and slip it off, then sit down on the lounger to take the bottoms off.

    Also, point your wife at the Feedback After Your vacation thread. It gives an excellent series of posts on peoples' visits to the AN parts of the various resorts.

    Also let her know, it's not a "meat market" sort of environment on the Isle! I think my wifes nervousness partly stemmed from this sort of thought hiding in the back of her mind, and partly from the fact that neither of us had ever been nude around others of the opposite sex.

    We did try it on our first full day, and the wife was comfortable enough that we went back the remaining days we were there. Now we're joking that when we go back to CTI next year, we're going to get checked in, switch into our swimsuits, and head for the Isle!

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    We think if you go to the right side of the island nobody would even consider approaching you..It took us two days and a few drinks to make it out to the island..

    During two days on the island we noticed only one couple on the right side. They seemed to face the open ocean which would give quite a bit of privacy.

    That was our initial plan but we went to the pool side right away...Nobody seems to pay attention and the shyness really only lasted a few seconds......Everybody is in the same situation so there seems to be quite a bit of empathy and understanding....It's a pretty mild crowd out there..

    You will be surprised how natural it feels......Take your time, find a good spot and take your suits off.

    After an hour of reading, we were in the pool cooling off and getting some drinks..

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    Thanks for great info. We will be at San Souci 4-28-12 to 5-5-12. Anyone else there at that time? We are late 40's but mid 20's at heart!

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    Dick and Ann,
    When you walk onto SSB, go all the way to the right. No one will bother you. We have seen couples do this, and no one will bother them.
    Just an FYI, we will be there the same time as you. Everyone will respect your privacy, but the more laughter you hear from the pool area, the more you will want to join us. You won't find a better bunch of people to talk to, then at the pool bar at SSB. They do trivia and other games, and everyone is the same! Plus, no one is looking anyway!
    Have a great time, and look us up when you get there. (You will have to walk up to get a drink, so say hi)
    4/24-5/3 2012

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    Definitely start way to the right. Nobody will bother or look at you over there. If you or others wander into the ocean, you can't tell if people are clothed or not once you are out a ways. Then slowly you will be more and more comfortable.
    We just got back from our first visit to CSS and my wife offered to try it the first day, for me, although she absolutely did not want to. I have to admit, I was scared too, but just had to try it once. Once we made our way to the pool, later in the day, had lunch at the bar, got to talking to people, we both became very comfortable. We never even made it to the clothed pool, just the A/N all week. We found one "creeper" who didn't spend much time with his wife and "hid" in the pool cave staring out at my wife and others, but that was the only one. There may also be a few locals making their way over in the water for a peek, but you get used to that very fast.
    All in all, people were super nice, nobody cared what you looked like and cared more about talking about where you are from, how long you have been together, playing trivia, etc... Obviously, she will be seen by others, it's human nature when somebody walks by, but people do not gawk or make a big deal out of it.
    I have no doubt that if you are used to being nude, that the other people will not bother you at all once you see what it is truly like... and the drinks don't hurt either!
    Enjoy your trip!

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    Quote Originally Posted by dick and ann View Post
    Thanks for great info. We will be at San Souci 4-28-12 to 5-5-12. Anyone else there at that time? We are late 40's but mid 20's at heart!
    Perfect resort for first timers! You can choose an out of the way place to sit (go right when entering the beach area) and your slightly nervous wife can just lie down and take in the sun. You'll love it. Read the 'feedback after your vacation' thread in the au naturel section, it'll give you and your wife all the comfort that you will need. Size (in any department!) is not an issue, believe me!


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    I wish I could talk to Ann directly and let her know about my 1st experience with CTI and the island, that was fun. You couldn't have picked a better Couples resort to go to for your 1st time AN. CSS has the most perfect place for being away from other people. Most of the people and the activity is around the pool, swim-up bar and grill. If you're on the beach at the far right, other couples know you'd rather keep to yourselves. But eventually someone will get thirsty and Dick will have to go and load up on some colds drinks. Just keep an eye on the time and get dressed before 5pm when the clothed people come over to see the amazing sunsets.
    I'm not a size 2 or 10, more like a 16, but I've got no problem letting it all out there on the AN beaches (or island) at Couples. I've been even more 'cuddly' than I am now and still had no problem. Of course, my 1st time at CTI caused me a bit of discomfort, I was sure everyone would judge me but they were all happy to meet me, go figure. Being AN is so liberating, people actually look you in the eye to talk to you, it's weird but great.

    There's a thread on here called 'feedback after your vacation' and it is about this subject. You'd think it was about how you enjoyed your trip overall when in fact it's about how you dealt with your fear/hesitation about trying AN.

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    Well, D & A, if you do go to the AN island please let us know (via the 'feedback after your vacation' thread already mentioned) how you got on. Every fine detail of the experience please as it is really helpful to others who are waivering as to whether to go AN or not. Whatever happens try it very early on in your holiday. You will see that it is preferable to the textile side and how wonderfully liberating it is. You will wonder why you were worried about it at all and you will say to yourself, 'man, every holiday should be like this'. If you try it early then you will still have the bulk of your holiday left to continue to enjoy the experience. You will, if you so wish, come home with a whole hoarde of new friends, all of whom will have spent time naked in your company. They wont be judging you or commenting about you behind your back, they will just be genuinely nice people. Go to it guys, once you go you know.

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