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    With everyone getting to couples at differant time and days how did/do you great/meet up with everyone? I asked for everyones flight arrival time on the RSVP card and was thinking of sending them a post card about 30 days out with some reminders about Romance rewards and packing. And asking if they would like to meet at ______around_________ based off flight and time to get to resort. What do you think.....anyone got an easier way?

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    we were lucky and arrived on the same flight, but I still put together a mailing package a month ahead of time. I included luggage tags, info about resort, any planned activites, dinners as a group etc. I had us meet everyday around 630pm for before dinner drinks but it was optional. I just said thats where the bride and groom would be. Everyone always meet before dinner. We were a small group of 10. So the first day we arrived we meet at the balloon bar (CSS) and I handed out welcome bags. Hope that helps

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    Great question. We plan to coordinate a meetup time and location with our guests (8 of them) prior to our trip. I think it will be in the afternoon the day we arrive around the pool bar. I made a facebook group for our group to consolidate trip updates/itinerary.

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