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    Default Nervous about dress code...

    Can someone please help me distinguish what is the appropriate dress for women in the fancier restaurants? I have read lots of posts about what the men can and cannot wear, but don't see anything about women? I know I have read cocktail attire somewhere but do I really need to get [I]that[I] dressed up? I am not sure if my idea of cocktail attire is the same as the islands..... ?

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    I wore a simple sundress and hilled sandles. Had no problem at all.

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    A sundress or cocktail dress and sandals (not sandals that you would wear to the beach) satisfy the dress code for women, as do capris with a dressy top.

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    No doubt you will get lots of replies but I would say that 'appropriate dress' can be anything from cocktail dresses (long or short!), maxi cotton type dresses, summer dresses, sun dresses, skirts and fancy tops, some even wear capris but personally I like to dress up in a dress (if you know what I mean!) to dinner - I'm on holiday and dress in beachwear all day so like to dress more 'fancy' in the evenings. Couple your outfit with a pair of strappy sandals (I like extremely high heels!!) and you're set to go.

    Have fun and enjoy your holiday in paradise.

    Mad about tennis

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    Don't bring a cocktail dress. Most women wear capris with a dressy top or a sundress. I brought 2 pairs of capris and tops, and 2 sundresses. I could have brought less and just rotated the clothes. You will live in your bathing suit and coverup for most of the day, the evening clothes are only on for a few hours max!

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    Some of us do get "that" dressed up - nice cocktail dresses and heels. I enjoy that as part of my vacation, since I don't dress like that every day at home - it's fun for me to dress up! Some women just wear capri pants and a nice top, with nice sandals. Some women wear simple sun dresses that are more for daytime but look just fine at night. It just depends on your taste in clothing really. Nobody wears a formal evening gown or anything like occasionally see a bride still in her gown though, which is awesome.

    The main thing is, you want to look nice, like you would if your husband were taking you to a nice restaurant anywhere else in the world.

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    Some people dress up more than others so you'll see a range of styles ..... I'd say dress like you would for a nice afternoon wedding ...... If you prefer slacks to dresses, that's fine also .... Just add a dressier top & you're good to go. If you want to get more dressed up, cocktail dresses like you'd see at night weddings will be just the thing also. Wear what makes you feel comfortable. You'll be fine & have more fun that way.

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    If you go to the main page of this website you will see photos that change every so many seconds, in one photo there is a woman standing on the steps in the pool in a green dress holding her shoes and her significant other with a jacket over his shoulder, she is a fine example of what you can wear to the fancier dinners, but jackets are not required nor needed as her gent is holding.

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    NO WORRIES! I have been to CN, CSA & CTI and have never worn a "cocktail" dress. I typically wear a simple comfy sundress with fun necklace/earrings and wedge sandals. I have felt over dressed at times...never under. It is the islands mon! After dinner heels come off & back to flip flops!

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    Unless you want to wear a cocktail dress a nicer sun/maxi dress is fine. We dress for a nice romantic evening and have never had any issues.

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    Default Don't sweat it!

    Cocktail sounds very fancy , when it really is not. I've worn a sundress, wrap skirt and sleeveless top even capris and a blouse. I try to plan outfits that look like I have dressed up for a romantic date! Keep in mind though.. it is air conditioned in the fancier restaurants.. you may need a light sweater or wrap. Have a great time!!

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    Relax, women have it easy. I've seen everything from capris and a nice top to fancier "cocktail dresses" (like I would wear to a wedding or fancy restaurant back home) I myself wear a sundress, either long or short,usually halter or strapless type to all the restaurants. Not too fancy but nicer than something that I would wear during the day. Hope this helps since semi formal and cocktail attire can be kind of misleading.

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    Absolutely no need to get dressed in cocktail attire (unless you want to). A nice sundress will do fine for the nice restaurant. You even see ladies in capris and a blouse at times.

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    Sundresses and nice sandals are fine.

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    A nice dress and some dressy sandals or high heels. Basically they dont want you in your swimsuit cover up and beach sandals! Lol But you dont need to go prom dress shopping either. Hope this helps.

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    Think summery dresses or a cute skirt and blouse. You can also wear capris with a nice blouse, or even slacks. As far as shoes, the only things that are out are flip flops and tennis shoes. You can wear sandals, no problem.

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    Thanks for all the replies. I feel a lot more relaxed about this now. I am really excited!

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    Another thing is your comfort level with heat/humidity. I'm from the Seattle area so found even in February the heat and humidity was pretty tough on me when I was getting ready for our evening out. The only restaurant that has air conditioning is Feathers. The other restaurants are open air and have ceiling fans and a beautiful breeze coming off the ocean. Dress in whatever you're comfortable in and enjoy! You are going to a wonderful resort that will knock your socks (or should I say sandals) off!

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