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    Default Body Paint on the AN beaches?

    I was at Hedo II and III when it was open and they had an afternoon of body paint contest's,does anything like this occur at CN?

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    Not that I have ever seen, maybe bring your own paints and Picasso each other!!!

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    Jen & I were at CTI in November and there were a couple of couples that did some body painting.

    It wasn't a contest or anything like that, just a couple having some fun with body paint. I have to say, the guy that was doing the painting was quite good at his craft, the suits that the two ladies had painted on were very well done.

    We've been to both CSS and CTI, and neither location had any kind of body painting contests, but that's not to say that you can't organize something on your own. It all depends on your group, who you are with etc.

    You'll have to bring your own body paints at the very least, as the resort does not supply them.

    Have fun!

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    Thanx,was at Hedo II and we did a shaving cream deco thing then walked into the water by Sandals,non nude side,then walked out of the water au natural only to be escorted by someone back to Hedo next door,too funny

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